Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Artificial Dissemination studio 3 session

Artificial Dissemination is a new punk band. What is unusual about them is that they are a two piece. I don't know many two piece punk band although we spoke about Deja Voodoo but they didn't play hardcore punk. 

The band features Shawna Heist who you may know as the guitarist of Sluts on 45 and has played in so many punk bands in Toronto over the last few decades. 

On drums is Jamie Problem, who was the singer and guitarist in the legendary Problem Children, but has more recently become the singer for the Rezentments. In my run ins with these bands I have known both folks to be movers and shakers so there personality types are in sync. In the year that they have been together they have written a load of songs that we got to record tonight. The session was engineered by Ian Wilkinson. as usual, on equipment that is falling apart. He makes it sound good as did the band. The songs recorded are:

1. Blow Up
2. I like you better when you were dead
3. Dirty Glass
4. Implant
5. Don't Care
6. GMO
7. The paparazzi stole my soul
8. Hated
9. Fight
10. Up Yers
11. She's got my fuckin' guitar
12. Hidden charms (Willie Dixon cover)

The band also recorded some IDs for the show and the station.

Aldo video taped the whole thing.

Lenora and Mike videotaped the interview afterwards.

The band has an ep out called "Glare" which you can hear at Reverb Nation.

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