Sunday, June 1, 2014

Radio - Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Here is a player for tonight's show. you can also download an MP3 file to take with you on the go.

The show starts out with new Big Brother because they remind me of the Prowlers who opened for the Upstarts the night before.

BIG BROTHER - Cast Overboard (Conscious DIY Collective)

The first set features songs from demoes that came out last month according to MRR and didn't make it into last week's Top 10. 

NO.NEGATIVE - Feelin' the Heat (Self-Released)
GAZE - Shit With Your Eyes (Self-Released)
THE 4-SIDS - Kill (Self-Released)
SPERM - Atomized, Automatized, Homicide (Self-Released)
HOLOCAUSTO - La Hoguera del Dolor (Self-Released)

The needle on one of the turntables was broken so we had to improvise are all vinyl sets which was almost everything from we brought in.

STRANGE ATTRACTOR - Alex is a Night Banger (FDH)
NOBLE SAVAGES - In the Basement (Self-Released)
VALLEY BOYS - Killing Time (Ugly Pop)

KETAMINES - So Hot! (Hosehead)
AVERAGE TIMES - Summer Nights (Hosehead / P-Trash)
PROXY - Slow Suicide (Ugly Pop)

SANGESUGA - Snutdodaren (RGR)
DARFUR - Fallen on Deaf Ears (Ratbite / Bad Hair Life / Hakaniemi Hardcore)
DOOM - Apostasy
ESKATOLOGIA - I Kraballermas Mrker (Halfabrikat)
CONSPIRACY OF DENIAL - Apnheh (Scarecrow)

OBLITERATION - Their War System (Beach Impediment)
PUBLIC ANIMAL - One way ticket (Pre-Rock)
DESPERAT - Sveriges Stoksta Ljugarnbank (Beach Impediment)
BRULBAJZ - Dodens Apostlar (Re-Ken)
DANKO JONES - Bounce demo (New Damn Age)
PF COMMANDO - Svennie Pop (Re-Ken)
GAS RAG - On the run (Even Worse)

Here is a set of new bands from Berlin.

NUCLEAR CULT - Urtyp - (Heart First)
PEACEBASTARD - The Sirens (Heart First)
COLD WORLD - The Nihilist Rant (Deep Six)
CRACK UNDER PRESSURE - Existence ends in Oblivion (Heart First)
PIG//CONTROL - White Standard - (Heart First)
MULLTUTE - Exzess - (Heart First)
EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT - Reasons of War (Heart First)

This is a set taken from series of compilations titled "Ungovernable Resistance" put together by Schizo Fanzine to raise awareness and support for refugees in Syria, and people suffering in the Philippines who lost everything in the earthquake.  You can learn more about or download them at Ungovernable Resistance D.I.Y.

KRONSIK MISANTROPI - Permanent Hybris (Schizo)
SPOTLICKS - Vill Dra (Schizo)
HALL KAFTENN - Reflektiomer av eh Avant Land (Schizo)
KORSBARSFEFTECA - Det Finns Inget Slut (Schizo)
DISKENT - Vagra Anpassning (Schizo)
ATERFULL - Fraga Inte (Schizo)
NO FEALTY - Ravished (Schizo)
KAMPRESPONS - Punkelit (Schizo)
LOS CULITOS - Treinta Baja Cero (Schizo)
BETTER NOT BORN - Inner Void (Schizo)
KOLLAPSE - Father (Schizo)
MORBELTAD - Den tid vi leveri (Schizo)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Hamilton called Thick Piss and features members of  Pick Your Side, Fuck the Facts, and Dismantle. You can hear the full demo at

THICK PISS - Burned Alive (Self-Released)
THICK PISS - Disposable (Self-Released)
THICK PISS - Rip off your head (Self-Released)
THICK PISS - The Hound (Self-Released)
THICK PISS - Strangers (Self-Released)
THICK PISS - I'm not punk (Self-Released)
THICK PISS - Fear Boner (Self-Released)
THICK PISS - Firemen (Self-Released)
THICK PISS - I read it on the internet (so it must be true) (Self-Released)
THICK PISS - Gandalf (Self-Released)

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