Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Sofistifucks studio 3 session

We have been trying to schedule the Sofistifucks for a session a few times. This was the third and final attempt. Alex, the drummer, had been my contact so we had been corresponding back and forth with proposals and cancellations and re-schedulings and finally a session happened. The Sofistifucks have been around for a while. My first introduction to Alex was at a NXNE show at Dundas Square. I think Devo was playing. He was handing out flyers for a Sofistifucks show and had only a few. I reached out to get one and he wouldn't let me have one. Maybe because I had a Toronto FC jacket on. To be fair I didn't look very punk. It was that snub that made me reluctant to get in touch with them again. But I read about a full length in MRR called “...And then they came for me” which came out in the fall. You can hear some of it at http://thesofistifucks1.bandcamp.com/album/then-they-came-for-me. Listening to that release peaked my interest and the band was also interested given they had a studio recording, which was technically their second.

Paul, the guitarist, reminded me that we had met before during a studio 3 session for Sick Error which was recorded at the other CIUT location on St. George Street. I started remembering more and more as we recorded and then spoke in the interview. In the interview he also talks about how he and Alex came to meet which was through some opposition work to Rob Ford so I guess something good came out of Ford's term of office.

The other half of this band is made up of some Halogonian imports. Downey (the singer) and Jakob (the bass player) are both originally from Halifax. They didn't move here together, but something about a past shared scene in a strange big city can bring people together. Downey's lyrics are pretty deep and everytime I ask him about a song he has to take a moment to figure out how to frame the background or context so as to get the meaning. You really should listen to the interview. I got a lot out of it. The songs are deep and intense and really match the band's sound. We recorded the following songs in tonight's session:

1. Chuc Mung Sing Nghat / Loved / Vincible
2. Hostage Situation
3. Guts
4. Momento Mori
5. Vincible
6. Nuclear Serenade
7. Terrible
8. CC AE 217
9. Self Discharge

The band also did some IDS for the station and the radio show.

1. Turn the Dial ID
2. You put the I back in CIUT ID
3. You put the I back in CIUT, part 2

Aldo and Candy were on hand to film the session and here is some of what they caught for Punks and Rockers.

A full set of photos from the night lives up at https://www.universallibrary.org/details/SofistifucksStudio3Session.

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