Sunday, May 4, 2014

Radio - Sunday, May 4th,2014

Inspired by the recent Toronto Mayor's escape to rehab the innocent story is a little tired and there is lots of speculation out there that this is part of some redemption story. Coke Bust had a song called "Innocence Complex" which fit perfectly in with these ideas. We won't be fooled again. You can hear tonight's program on the player above or download an MP3 file here.

COKE BUST - Innocence Complex (Grave Mistake)

This opening set is inspired by a couple of shows happening locally with Reagan Youth, Dayglo Abortions, No Problem, and the Wankys. See show listings on the right hand side of this blog for details. 

INSTIGATON - Degenerated (Self-Released)
DS 13 - New Aryans (Insect / Communichaos Media)
SNFU - I wanna be East Indian (Cruz Media)
NO PROBLEM - I got a Bomb (Deranged)
WANKYS - Bombs Away (La Vida es un mus)

Some newer releases each with some context as to how they came to our attention. 

OBSESSOR - Aftershock (Tank Crimes)
KOMPLOTT - Casa Lavoro Cimitero (Complotto Autoproduzioni)
KAOS URBANO - Somos lo peor (Potencial hardcore)
STAGE BOTTLES - You'll Never Gonna Get Me Down (Insurgence)
NON SERVIUM - Hijos de Puta (Potencial hardcore)

Mostly new Canadian releases in this set.

BOIDS - P.B.M.F. (Stomp)
ACOUSMA - Omnipresence (High fashion Industries)
CONQUEST FOR DEATH - And the Warlords (Tank Crimes)
HAYMAKER - Their Rules (a389)
SPLIT TEETH - Landfill (Tenzenmen)

A great zine called "Art Through Intimidation" came to our attention and it is about Black Flag flyer artwork. "Nervous Breakdown" serves as a starting point for the zine so I came across more recent influences in terms of new releases that made up a set with exception for the Drop Dead song at the beginning. 

DROPDEAD - A Fall Of Empires (Armageddon)
BLACK FLAG - Nervous Breakdown (SST)
SUICIDAS - Contra el suelo de hormigon (No Nostalgia)
SCHOOL JERKS - Untitled (Bad Vibrations)
WARTHOG - Potential / Yes, Master (Katorga Works)
BLACK COFFEE - N.I.M.B.Y. (Self-Released)

Some older UK material

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Law and Order (Rough Trade)
BUZZCOCKS - Breakdown (New Hormones)
MENACE - GLC (Small Wonder)
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS - Where have all the bootboys gone? (Decca)
THE SUBS - Gimme your Heart (Stiff)

U.K. SUBS - Young Cirminals (Gem)
EATER - No Brains (The Label)
SOME CHICKEN - New religion (Raw)
PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - Brainbomb (United Artists)
THE REZILLOS - 2000 A.D.(Sire)

Japanese material from more recent eras. 

CROCODILE SKIN - War Game (Self-Released)
BATTLE OF DISARM - Murderer is Hero (Self-Released)
ABRAHAM CROSS - Same as war (Self-Released)
NOT CUT - Open Way (Epp)
IDORA - Absent Time (Odds ness)
KURO - hey hey hey (Epp)
AGRRESSIVE DOGS - Dizzy Life (Epp)

Tonight's demo feature is a new project bands along the lines of Das Oath or Sectarian Violence.  Here is a review in the May issue of MRR which brought this to our attention and you can download the demo at their bandcamp page.

SMÄRTSAM UTLÖSNING - Alla Har Det Bra (Self-Released)
SMÄRTSAM UTLÖSNING - Smärtsam Utlösning (Self-Released)
SMÄRTSAM UTLÖSNING - Dö Ditt Jävla As (Self-Released)
SMÄRTSAM UTLÖSNING - Jävla Parasit (Self-Released)
SMÄRTSAM UTLÖSNING - Jävla Punken I Uppsala och Rockville (Self-Released)

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