Sunday, May 18, 2014

Radio - Sunday, May 18th, 2014

NASH THE SLASH passed away last week. I found out about his passing in an editorial piece on Q. Here and Now also did a look back at Nash following it with the FM hit 'Phasors on Stun'. That was a song I knew very well having heard it many times on FM Radio. It was also a song that took me back to summer camp. A counsellor there had turned me onto FM. I would soon find out about NASH THE SLASH on after school video shows with the video for "Dead Man's Curve" and "Dopes on the Water". I went to the first Police Picnic where NASH THE SLASH unceremoniously had the plug pulled on him. The only Canadian act to get yanked from the stage in some Gong show fashion like he was some kind of a novelty act, which he was sort of. A mummy impersonator in top hat and white tails that played the electric violin and a few other instruments that includes a glockenspiel. But he was more than that. He was a guy who inspired Gary Numan, one of the first to start an independent label known as Cut Throat records and who sued Pepsi and won. I got to meet NASH THE SLASH on the air once. Jonzo from Mods 'n Rockers arranged for him to come in and we did a full on interview. It was an honour to meet this pioneer of the Toronto punk scene. I learned of his soundscaping to silent films like Nosferatu at places like the Roxy Theatre. He was doing a regular Halloween gig at a club on Yonge Street. Someone posted up a flyer for a Valentine's week massacre set of shows at the Edge. He was into gimmicks but there is no denying that he was a groundbreaker when it comes to punk in this city.  So we started off the show with some NASH THE SLASH material mixed together. 

Here is an MP3 for the show.

NASH THE SLASH - The Chase (Cut Throat)
NASH THE SLASH - FM Introductions (Cut Throat)
NASH THE SLASH - Phasors on Stun (Cut Throat)

SKUNX - Corporate Death (Chronic Disease / Skull Crasher)
GRUMP - Coherence (Self-Released)
THE PITY - Leather Jacket Separation Anxiety (Self-Released)
SNOB - Stay at home (Hardware)
NOT FRIENDS - Endless Delay (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Panic Attack (Self-Released)
THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Self Discharge (Unknown)

DEAD BOYS - Flamethrower love (Sire)
BLACK KEYS - have love will travel (Bomp)
GUITAR WOLF - Wild Zero (Matador)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Drag Strip Riot (Crypt)
HUNCHES - Frustration Rocket (In the Red)

NUEVA AUTORIDAD DEMOCRATICA - Gente Mierda (Solo Para Punks)
BOILING POINT - Thrash the Railroads (Self-Released)
COKSKAR - Cokroachskar(Self-Released)
SLEIGHT - The Sickness (Self-Released)
KENNY KENNY OH OH - the Beauty of Absenteeism (Kontraszt! / Emancypunx)
LIFE CHAIN - Media frozen (Imminent Destruction)

CRIMPSHRINE - Sleep. what's that? (Lookout)
AVAIL - On the Nod (Lookout)
SURF TRIO - Almost Summer (Bomp)
BAD BRAINS - The Big Takeover (Roir)
THE CRAMPS - The Crusher (IRS)

FIT FOR ABUSE - Power Currupts
UPPERCUTS - First Thing's First
THE TAKE - Tonight
DEAD STOP - Bend and Break
MINORITY UNIT - Minority Threat

BROTHER INFERIOR - Who Want's To Live Forever?
BENUMB - Mesmerized by the Insignificant
LAST LIGHTS - U.S. Out of New England
INFERNOH - De Galm Och De Blinda

The Brass are from Vancouver and this is their demo titled "Psychopath". Hardware Records out of Germany has made the cassette available again and you can hear the recording at

THE BRASS - Don't look at me (Hardware)
THE BRASS - Can't (Hardware)
THE BRASS - Damaged goods (Hardware)
THE BRASS - 40 Laces (Hardware)
THE BRASS - Psychopath (Hardware)

COLUMN OF HEAVEN - Such Fragile Bodies (Flesh prison part II) (Absurd Exposition)

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