Sunday, March 9, 2014

Radio - Sunday, March 9th, 2014

This show is in celebration of International Women's Day. The show was programmed by women from the Toronto punk scene and features Zoe Dodd, the singer of the defunct Bayonettes, Sarde, Marjie and Chloe. They referred to it as the ladies takeover at the top of the show. Mickey Skin, Nora Currie, Zero, and Donna of Luxury Bob were also in and told a few stories about what it was like breaking gender ground in the early punk scene. You can listen on the player above or download and MP3 at the end of this post.  

IRREPARABLES - I Wanna Make A Fanzine (Nominal)

This is Zoe's first set which includes her song of the summer

LOST KIDS - Alle Taller (Medley)
GIRLS AT OUR BEST - Getting Nowhere Fast (Rough Trade)
RED STOCKINGS - Unrequited Love (Matador)
DISHRAGS - I Don't Love You (Modern)
VIOLATERS - Summer of '81 (No Future)
Sarde's set starts out with some dark brooding goth inspired punk that has a Killing Joke feel to it. One of the highlights of the set is Flesh World which features Scott from Limp Wrist.

LA MISMA - Guerras Silenciosas (Toxic State)
RAKTA - Take Your Time (Nada Nada Discos)
HYSTERIA WARD - Breakfast to Madness (General Speech)
FLESH WORLD - Sturdy Swiss Hiker (La Vida Es Va Mus)
ADVERTS - No Time To Be 21 (Bright Records)

Marjie's first sets starts out goth-ish as well.

DEKODER - Hate Song (Self-Released)
RUBELLA BALLET - Tangled Web (Ubiquitous)
BLUE CROSS - Mass Hysteria (Shogun)
MARCH VIOLETS - Cross Baby (Rebirth)
THE POLES - CN Tower (Nimbus Nine)

Nora Currie (Superfan), Mickey Skin (the Curse) talk about the Poles, their experiences as part of the first wave of Toronto punk, and how those experiences compare to the current scene. Zero arrives with Donna (Luxury Bob) and Zoe plays a signed copy of the Curse single that she picked up at Value Village without a cover.

THE CURSE - Shoeshine Boy (Hi Fi)
ZRO4 - Gimme Attention (Chameleon)

Chloe jumped in as a fill in for Erika Supply and this is her set and the set ended with goth inspired punk and there is a goth revival. The girls credit Marjie`s dress as their inspiration.

SCREAMING SNEAKERS - Violent Days (Screaming Sneakers Records)
SUBURBAN LAWNS - Janitors (Suburban Industrial)
LAS VULPES - Me Gusta Ser Unna Zorra (Dos Rombos Discos)
BELGRADO - Panopticon (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SURVIVAL - Civil War (Self-Released)

Zoe puts together a set with lots of Spanish abnds including Ultimo Resorte from Barcelona and the singer from Ultimo Resorte was known for beating up Nancy Spongen among other things.

KURRAKA - Hermanas de la Oscuridad (Self-Released)
ULTIMO RESORTE - Una Guerra Sin Fondo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LAS OTRAS - Tragedia (Discos Sense Nom)
LIFE CHAIN - Dead End (Imminent Destruction / Adelante)
GEISTER - So Bored (Moloch)

Marjie`s second set starts out with Luxury Bob that features Donna who was in earlier. Donna had a great story off air about going down to see an art exhibition of Ron Reyes artwork.

LUXURY BOB - I screwed him for the air-conditioning (Self-Released)
X - We're Disposable (Slash)
THE EXPELLED - Got No Cider (Captain Oi)
NOG WATT - Big Warning, Big Mistake (Revenge)
DETENTE - It's Your Fate (Banzai)

Sarde`s last set starts out with Permanent Ruin who will be here in a few weeks.

PERMANENT RUIN - Legacy (Adelante Discos)
GOOD THROB - Feminazi (Pinball)
ATTAK - Today's Generation (No Future)

You can download the show as an MP3 here.

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