Sunday, March 23, 2014

Radio - Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

This show features a session recorded with Screamin' Sam and the Problems earlier this week and you can find a post that has the songs and interviews in downloadable formats. Here is the pieced together version with bits of an audio collage from various other sources like the articles scanned from Steve Koch's archive

- "Horseshoe closes with riot", Toronto Sun, Sunday, June 14th, 1981
- "Beyond Primal: The Ultimate Scream", Shades Magazine #19/20, Oct. - Nov. 1981
- "..but Kennedys crowd dances on", Toronto Star

or this first hand account of the Professionals show

Some stories require visual aids like the video recorded at Roger's found below.

You can hear the whole show on the player above or you can download an MP3 here.

SCREAMIN' SAM - Live for Today (CIUT)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Interview (CIUT)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Do you Like It (Unreleased)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Interview (CIUT)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Another World (CIUT)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Interview (CIUT)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Big Smoke (Pelican)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Interview (CIUT)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Hot Dog City (Pelican)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Interview (CIUT)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Interview (CIUT)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Been so Long (CIUT)
SCREAMIN' SAM - Interview (CIUT)
THE VILETONES - Sam (Fleurs de Mal)

TBC - Musik I Plast (Mjalthugg / Re-Ken)
ASTA KASK - Fredagsmys (Prank)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Bigger Bombs for a Better Tomorrow (Stumble)
SNFU - Crude Crude City (Cruzar)

FISSURE - Junkie's Day Off
LACK OF INTEREST - Head Trip (Deep Six)
NO COMMENT - Dead Stare for Life (Deep Six)
TO THE POINT - First world problems for a middle class white guy (Deep Six)
COLD WAR - No Regrets - (Deep Six / Regurgitated Semen)
PICK YOUR SIDE - Weakling (Deep Six)

SICKFIT - Guilt Trip (Bong)
MILKMAN - Gurkenzeit (Bong)
NUEVA AUTORIDAD DEOCRATICA - Genta mierda (Solo para punks)
TENSE REACTION - De wilders sharia / Angstendictatuur (Bong)
UNAMED TERRORIST GROUP - You are involved in the war

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Calgary. You can download this demo on their bandcamp page.

EXOTIC FUNCTIONS - Feeling Good (Self-Released)
EXOTIC FUNCTIONS - Cobaxa (Self-Released)
EXOTIC FUNCTIONS - Vegetate (Self-Released)
EXOTIC FUNCTIONS - Petty Pursuits (Self-Released)
EXOTIC FUNCTIONS - Blessing in Disguise (Self-Released)

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