Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ancient Heads Studio 3 session

I first heard about Ancient Heads when Demolition were in to record a session. Singer, Nathan Simpson, came in for the session and did some covers with

Demolition. Afterwards he told me about this well kept secret that took their name from a Beyond song. I was stunned that someone knew who Beyond was. At the time the band featured Matt La Forge on guitar and Jason O'Young on drums. I knew Jason from sessions with the Kill Decibel and Urban Blight, but his reputation proceeds him and he is a great guy to boot. Jason had already recorded a demo tape for the band called "Demo 2012, Volume 1" which is a three song recording of some old school sounding straight edge. Since then Emmett Morris from Demolition was recruited to play bass. After much tooing and froing with schedules and a prevously cancelled session this recording finally came together. The band was practised and Nate had even worked out introductions for each song. That was a first. Jon Hawkes recorded the session and the songs recorded include:

2. Old Dogs / Movng On
3. Intro for Another Way
4. Another Way
5. Intro for Outrage
6. Outrage
7. Intro / Waste of Life
8. Waste of Life
9. Intro for Identity Shift
10. Identity Shift
11. Intro for Take Control
12. Take Control
13. Intro for No time for you
14. No time for you / Fight Back
15. Intro for For My Brothers
16. For My Brothers
17. Hip Hop ID
18. One Take EXD ID
19. Another Way ID
20. Ancient Heads ID 4

Aldo from Punks and Rockers also captured the session in video format, which will be uploaded soon.

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  1. Intro for Old Dogs is not on here, 01 is actually Intro For Outrage.