Friday, August 2, 2013

Flyer - Friday, August 2nd, 2013

After their supposed break up in 2011, which just merely seemed to be a Winter hiatus the Goofs embark on a Cross country Canadian tour which starts out in Victoria and ends up in St. John's. The band features Cazy Steve on vocals, Murray Acton and Willy Jak from the Dayglos on guitar, and Katie from the Fucknuckles on bass. The dates are:
- Friday, August 2nd @ Logan's (Victoria)
- Saturday August 3rd @ Funky Winkerbeans (Vancouver)
- Monday August 5th @ Moose Hall (Lethbridge)
- Tuesday August 6th @ Palomino (Calgary)
- Wednesday August 7th @ DV8 (Edmonton)
- Friday August 9th @ Club 2431 (Regina)
- Saturday August 10th @ Ozzy's (Winnipeg)
- Sunday August 11th @ Black Pirate (Thunder Bay)
- Monday August 12th @ Algonquin (Sault Ste. Marie)
- Tuesday August 13th @ ANAF (Guelph)
- Wednesday August 14th @ Cage (Toronto)
- Thursday August 15th @ DIY Arts Collective (Barrie)
- Friday August 16th @ Atria (Oshawa)
- Saturday August 17th @ Cafe de Cufe (Ottawa)
- Sunday August 18th @ (Sherbrooke)
- Monday August 19th @ Cafe Chaos (Montreal)
- Tuesday August 20th @ TBA (Ottawa)
- Wednesday August 21st @ La Thrash (St. Hyacinthe)
- Saturday August 24th @ St. John's
Go to the Dayglo Abortions facebook page for more updates.

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