Monday, August 26, 2013

Radio - Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Daragh Hayes guest hosted tonight's show with sets from around the world. There was a specific emphasis on bands from Japan. The show started out with bands that sing in Spanish. We had an international set with bands from Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, and China. And there was a set of new demos that had some connection to our local scene. You can hear using the player above or download the show as an MP3 file. Here is the playlist...

DESPERAT - Demokrati? (Beach Impediment Records)

Spanish-speaking bands
CRIATURAS – Espiritu De Libertad (Hardware Records)
GENERACION SUICIDA - Recuerdos (Kill for Christ tapes)
SUDOR - Hardcore Es Punk Radical (Todo Destruido Records)
TERCER MUNDO - Puto Dinero (Cintas Pepe Records)
TROPIEZO - Se milla esteril (la misma historia) (Punks Before Profits Records)
INSOMNIO - Insomnio (No Way Records)
MARIA T-TA Y EL EMPUJON BRUTAL - No Te Hagas Paltas (Sin Temores Records)

International Bands
SI DOU LE - Motor Youth (Depraved & Devilish Records)
NO NAME NATION - Auntie Jane (Tian An Men 89 Records)
DIR YASSIN - Last Impression (Tofu Guerrilla Records)
SOUND OF RUBY - E.D.B.T.Z. (Tian An Men 89 Records)

Japanese Bands
FRAMTID - Ashes to Ashes (Crust War / La Vida Es Un Mus / Black Water records)
ACUTE - M-Siren (SMRT Records)
AKUTARE - Kagayaki (No Master Records)
LIFE - Violence, Peace, and Peace Research (Punk Bastard Records)
SUPER FRISKY - No (Burai-Core Records)
EIEFITS - Flash Back (Mangrove Label)

Japanese Bands, Part 2
(WAR PAINTED) CITY INDIAN - One Way Eager (AA Records / Time Bomb Records)
TETSU ARREY - ??????????????? 7” (HG Fact Records)
YOSHIHIRO HIRAOKA & HUMAN ARTS - ??????? (Slice Records)
VEKTOR - City Slicker (Freedom Fighter Records)
ELEKIDZ - Anaekaasfa (HG Fact)
SLOW MOTIONS - Operation Anagram (540 Records / HG Fact)

Tapes and Skins
COMRADRE omradre - Cold Rain (Stay Punk Tapes)
THIS MESS - What Type (Self-Released)
STREET EATERS - Dead Parts (Stay Punk Tapes)
COOL TO SNOG - Satisfaction Week (Only Death is Fatal zine & tape)
HIRED GOONS - Lost Cause (Self-Released)
STRAIGHT TRUTH - Glow in the Dark (Self-Released)
SEMPER EADEM - Righteous Violence (Nobody Cult Tapes)

Japanese Bands, Part 3
CONTRAST ATTITUDE - No Line (Insane Society Records)
STRANGE FACTORY - Town of Death (Hardcore Survives)
THINK AGAIN – Track 5 (Break the Records)
SHINDAHOGAMASHI - Kurayami No Zanzou (Silhouette of darkness)
SNOT - Daily Life (Office Drunk Radio Records)
PROLETARIART - Mad company. Murder! Fuck! Toyota Mortor! (Bluured Records)
AMALA - Ai (Larva Records)
DROPEND - Dagen Efter Massakern (D-Takt & Råpunk Records / Rawmantic Disasters)

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