Monday, December 3, 2012

Valley Boys demo

The VALLEY BOYS are a new local hardcore band inspired by KBD punk, oi, garage punk, the ANGRY SAMOANS, rock n roll, old American hardcore and old punk.  The band is made up of Jimmy Vapid (the VAPIDS) and Jon (BRUTAL KNIGHTS) fame. Jon grew up with the drummer Kalle who is from Cornwall. And the missing link is Matt Hitch who is on guitar and vocals and used to be in the SCHOOL JERKS. The band has just learned that Cut the cord that...
Records (, out of Munster Germany,  will be releasing the demo as a 12”. Cut the Cord that...  has released material by NEON PISS, FOREIGN OBJECTS, and VACCINE among others so the VALLEY BOYS are in good company. Look out for P-Trash doing a 7” after that. You can download the demo at (e-mail -

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