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Radio - Sunday December 30th, 2012

We continue with the Year in Review for 2012. Stephe starts out with his favourite new bands from 2012. Rob plays his favourite Canadian punk releases from last year. D'Arcy plays his top 18 from last year. Then Stephe highlights comilations from last year. Tonight's demo feature is Flaccid from Calgary. The show is more exciting than this playlist so download the MP3 here.

UNHOLY THOUGHTS - Hell is other people (Even Worse)

Stephe's Top new bands of 2012
BRAIN TUMOURS - Improper Execute (Fashionable Idiots / Pass Judgement)
BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE - Veikki Seivastaja (Kamaset Levtt)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE - Lined and Shot (Grave Mistake)
ANCIENT FILTH - Pushed to the limit (Shock to the system)
HAUTE COUTURE - Act your age (Shogun)
SICKOIDS - Human Steps (Hardware)
URBAN UNREST / PARENTAL SHOCK - Anxiety Attack (United Shoebrothers / Rabbit's Foot)
URSUT - Sten som sten (La Familia)
SHIPWRECKED - It's Grim Up North (Crucial Response)
BRAIN KILLER - Trying to remember (Vinyl Rites)

Rob's Top 10 Canadian punk releases
METZ - Knife in the Water (Sub Pop)
PUSSYPOPS - I don't wanna (Self-Released)
WHITE LUNG - Bunny (Deranged)
RISING CRUST - Sad Clown (Self-Released)
BURNING LOVE - Hateful Comforts (Southern Lord)
WHITE WIRES - Down on my own (Dirtnap)
PROPAGANDHI - Lotus Gait (Epitaph)
SCHOOL JERKS - Ugly Minds, Ugly Faces (Grave Mistake)
TV FREAKS - Co-Worker Blues (Schizophrenic)

D'Arcy's Top 18 for 2012
CRASH - Life to Live (Post Present Medium)
RAH - Give Up (Climbin' Aboard)
DIRECT APPROACH - What did we do? (Self-Released)
EAT A BRICK - Rotten teeth (Disinfect)
CONFINES - Mediocrity Rules (Side two)
INFERNOH - Infernoh (Dtaht Rapunk)
SQUARE THE CIRCLE - Soap opera (Crew for Life)
SEA OF SHIT - Episodes (Disease Audio)
BORN WRONG - Burn a Debt (Self-Released)
WEBCAM TEENS - Self Destruct (Self-Released)
TV FREAKS - Freelancer (Schizophrenic)
KREMLIN - Esprit de Corps (Self-Released)
WATER TORTURE - Synthetc Waste (Disease Audio)
ZYANOSE - Pride (Nose Noise)
KOSZMAR - Zycie W Grobie (Self-Released)
SCHOOL JERKS -Endless Mirrors (Grave Mistake / Bad Vibrations)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Walcz oSiebie (Yama Dori)

Stephe's favourite comps of 2012
PONX ATTACK - Ponx Vacation (Profane Existence)
THE BABOON SHOW - What it Takes (Turist I Tillvaron)
DHK - Y Si No Estas Preparadx? (Artcore)
MAYPOLE - Why Duck (Warsaw HC Punk Attack)
SNAKECHARMER - Corrosive Tension (Schizophrenic)
END OF ALL - Folkhemmet (Halvfabrikat)

Demo Feature
FLACCID - The Aether (Self-Released)
FLACCID - No Safe Word (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Flaccid (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Shallow Thought (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Trash (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Black Sun (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Untitled (Self-Released)

THE YOBS - Auld Lang Syne (Captain Oi!)

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