Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Groggies studio 3 session

I rode down to the studio. It was a cold night.

As I get to Tower Road I notice a truck with some gear in it. That must be the Groggies truck. I see the Shular brothers putting some money in a parking meter and I warn them not to. This is something I would regret in only a few minutes. We took some gear upstairs and picked up a trolley so we can wheel up the bigger gear. As we come back downstairs there is a campus police ticketing their car. Eric tried to reason with the guy but he had his standard set of answers which just infuriated all of us even more. This university is nothing but a business. It astounds me with how greedy they are for revenue. This university has a poor way of treating out of town guests.

2. Controlling Interest
3. Retort
4. Into Hell
5. Be Young,Have Fun, Bend Over (Phallocracy)
6. Mechanic
7. Handfulof Nails
8. Excuse
9. Pull theTrigger
10. Loser
11. Nameless
12. Whereare we now
14. EXD ID

Glenn’s beard has been trimmed since I last saw him at the Sons of Ishmael reunion. It still has a ZZ Top quality to it but not as bad as Tim Freeborn or Brian Taylor.  Glenn used to play bass in BSL back in the late 80's and in Phallocracy in the 90's.

Ian used to sing in a band called the Abrasers. Ian stands very straight and looks disinterested but when prompted has a lot of well thought through opinions. He doesn’t show much by way of emotion. His voice is very throaty and reminds me of early BLITZ. This is odd because when I listened to recorded material his vocals reminded me of the CIRCLE JERKS. Then they played a song called “Loser” and there is a spoken word part that reminded me of Mike Muir when he sings “Institutionalized”.

Keith was wearing a sweet Iron Maiden shirt. Eric is his brother and plays drums that start “Controlling Interest” sound like rapid machine gun fire.

This session was recorded and mastered by Jon Hawkes. Aldo Edric videotaped the band for Punks and Rockers. Here is a clip.

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