Monday, September 24, 2012

Radio - Sunday September 23rd, 2012

This is the broadcast for Equalizing-X-Distort on Sunday September 23rd. On tonight's show we start out with a top 10 for August. We program some unique sers. I program a set of bands with straight edge roots and heavy sounds with local roots. Rob programmed a set of College rock that doesn't get played so much these days. I followed that up with some noisier contemporary garage. And D'Arcy pulled together two sets of hardcore with sounds that have been inspiring him. The demo feature was Negative Rage in which they cover the Dead Kennedys and JFA so there are some songs you will recognize.
VIOLENT FUTURE - Bloody Victims (Self-Released)

HARHAA - Delusion (Self-Released)
PURE SCUM - Disaster (Sorry State)
ANIMAL INSTINCT - The Bubble (Take it back)
DEAD ENDING - This is a Stick Up (Alternative Tentacles)
DEATH BY SNOO SNOO - Pentutehdas (Creative Class War)
AUTUUS - Sota (Self-Released)
THE FORUM - THis Time / Next Time (Harsh Crust)
CITIZENS PATROL - Diktatuur van de Wekker (Way Back / Too Circle / Spastic Fantastic)
BRAIN KILLER - Re-Educated (Vinyl Rites)

ANGRY SAMOANS - You Stupid Asshole (Triple X)
VINCAS - Hell Ride (Douchemaster)
AVAIL - On the nod (Lookout)
THE HYPNOTICS - Radio City (Self-released)
THEE HEADCOATS -All my feelings denied (Damaged goods)

CURAHEE - I opened my Eyes (Commitment)
BURNING LOVE - Damage Case (Southern Lord)
OWL EYES - Alleyways (A389 Records)
PICK YOUR SIDE - But Wait! (Regurgitated Semen)
ACxDC - Jokes on You (To Live a Lie)

DINOSAUR JR. - Let it Ride (SST)
HUSKER DU - Standing in the rain (Warner)
JELLYFISH BABIES - Certain Memories (Plot)
JAWBREAKER - Chesterfield King (Tupelo)

MAGIC CHRISTIAN - Let’s Shake (Schizophrenic)
TV FREAKS ep - Upper Hand (Schizophrenic)
NEON PISS LP - Bullet (Deranged)

INSOMNIA - Any Moment (Sorry State)
LOVE POTION - We will return (Adult Crash)
MAJOR DAMAGE - Edge of Sanity (No Way)
MINEFIELD - Woyzo12 (Drunk with Power)
SNIFFING GLUE - Masquerade (Search for fame)
F.A.S.T. - Not my fault (Self-Released)
SNOB VALUE - No Comfort (Spastic Fantastic)
UBER - La calle es mia (SOS)

LET DOWN - Apologies (Six Feet Under)
GENETIC CONTROL - 1984 (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp)
RAH - Not worth it / Preach (Climbin' Aboard)
CRITICAL CONVICTIONS - Hardcore sick (Self-Released0
MALE NURSES - Pull the trigger (Deranged)

Demo Feature
NEGATIVE RAGE - Don't Wanna Talk (Self-Released)
NEGATIVE RAGE - Foward to Death (Self-Released)
NEGATIVE RAGE - I Don't Like You (Self-Released)
NEGATIVE RAGE - I want to die (Self-Released)
NEGATIVE RAGE - Snot Nose (Self-Released)

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