Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hassler "Asphyxiate" ep

Hassler ep HASSLER are a new group from Toronto. They remind me of DOUBLE NEGATIVE in their approach to song writing. They write short songs packed dense with generations of hardcore. It is what a contemporary hardcore band should sound like if they were speaking in tongues about the last three decades of hardcore. The band credits RIPCORD, BGK and a few other noise merchants as their influence despite their despisal of any retro trends. HASSLER is made up of the singer from BAD SKIN, the guitarist from BRUTAL KNIGHTS, the bassist from the REPROBATES, and the drummer from RAMMER. Get it right because I am sick of seeing the crazy lists that are associated with this band which speak to how involved these guys are in the scene. RAMMER brought Al and Jon together and this idea of a band germinated more in a band called KOMMANDO, but they threw everything out when they found Erik and Jay. Any of this previous band history is misleading because HASSLER sounds like none of these bands. They also sound like nothing I have heard before. This recording is blown out and the over modulation serves to suggest that these guys are just kicking it out regardless of any consequences. I have heard their production described as raw-fi which gets close. But the enthusiasm of MRR’s editor captures what I feel about this band after seeing them live. She said about this ep that it is “un-fucking-real. The record is stupid good. If you ever claimed or claim to like hardcore in its most violent, purest forms, then you should love this." I wholeheartedly agree with her. They don’t give a shit about hype. This will make them the best band that you don’t know about. I am telling you to pay attention. I also think that something should be said about the artwork. Adam Kindred from CONCRETE ASYLUM / ABJECT PAX did the cover artwork. Adan has done covers for other bands like TRUNCHEONS. This particular piece channels RUDIMENTARY PENI meets DYS’ “Brotherhood” drawing. Just a gnarly rough street alley scene with characters like a pregnant girl smoking and a personified rat in leathers, which may sound cliché and comedic but sets the tone for a wild party. Everything about this release is great. (Schizophrenic Records – 17 W 4th Street / Hamilton, ON / L9C 3M2 / Canada / www. schizophrenicrex.com)

The songs found on this ep are:

1. Asphyxiate
2. Nothing for Nothing
3. Beatdown

4. Pigpen
5. Enlightened
6. Innocent

There were 100 with a limited cover, which is the scan you see to the right of this.

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