Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pick Your Side studio 3 session

September 11th has taken on significant meaning and is one of the reasons for why we were able to record Pick Your Side, becaus eit was just too coincidental for the band to pass up. In some ways tonight's session is a bit of a break for all involved. We all worked magic to make it here tonight. As the Hamilton contingent pulled up I hear familiar voices but no familiar faces. It has been a while. In fact Haymaker, for which Pull Your Side is an extension of, was the first band we ever recorded in these studio 3 sessions. Jeff and Chris are sporting beards and I am reminded of the Chokehold reunion show on New Years Eve when a fellow band mate was chided for sporting such a beard. And although times seemed to have changed, the anger remains the same. Here are the songs recorded by Jonathon Hawkes at CIUT`s Studio 3.

1. Dark future
2. Plug-in generation
3. More cops, More crime
4. Meltdown
5. This is not a test
6. Throne of Priviledge
7. My troubles / 2 Headed snake
8. How to cope
9. Survival prayer
10. Looking back
11. New war
12. This too shall pass
13. Right Turn
15. EXD ID

Aldo Edric of Punks and Rockers videotaped the session. Below is a clip of the night.

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  1. awww, I really want to see the vids. the audio is great but the video isn't showing up for me.