Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Demolition studio 3 session

Demoltion are a straight edge inspired band from Barrie, Ontario. The band is made up of former members of Planet Danger. The members in the band are Bob Martin on vocals, Emmett Morris and Curtis Brox on guitar, Andrew Peden on bass, and Craig Blenkhorn on drums. Nathan from Ancient Heads does some guest vocals on the Youth of Today and Judge covers. Andrew sings on the Bugs cover. This session was recorded by Jonathon Hawkes on Tuesday August 28th, 2012 for Equalizing-X-Distort on CIUT 89.5FM. The songs recorded are:

1. Intro / Here to Stay
2. Us Against You
3. Reach Out
4. Don't Need Your Help
5. New Song #2
6. United We Stand
7. Sick People (Breakdown)
8. Honesty (Youth of Today)
9. Dream of Mine (Bugs)
10. In My Way (Judge)
11. EXD ID

Aldo Erdic videotaped the session. Look for a preview on the Punks 'n Rockers website.

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