Monday, August 13, 2012

Radio - Sunday August 12th, 2012

We start off tonight's show with a look back at July 2012 with a top 10 list. Throughout the show we play a number of punk covers. Recide who are described in the July issue of MRR as "Short, fast, and raw", which clinched our interest for the show. You can listen to the show by clicking here.

THE LOVE BELOW – God don’t make no trash (A389 Records)

Top 10 July 2012
BIG EYES - I don’t care about Friday Night (Grave Mistake)
HUMAN TOUCH - Youth Prison (One percent press / Feral Kid Records)
BILL BONDSMEN – Untitled (Self-Released)
DNF – Hunger Pains (High Anxiety / No Idea)
PICK YOUR SIDE – More cops More crime! (A389 Records)
NO MORE ART - Evil Eyes (Erste Theke Tonraeger)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS – I can see you (Even Worse)
S.H.I.T. - Human kindness (Self-Released)
CRUTCHES - I will never kneel (Self-Released)
CHEAP ART – Consumer Contribution (Self-Released)

DIDJITS - Mr. DNA (Touch and Go)
JAWBREAKER - Pretty Persuasion (Blackball)
DEVIL DOGS - Backstage (Sympathy for the record industry)
NIP DRIVERS - Fox on the run (Taang)
NEUROSIS - Day of the Lords (Lookout)

BAD ASSETS – Wasted Generation (United Riot)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Assault (Doomtown Sounds)
IMPALERS - Out for Power (Beach Impediment / No Way)
GOURIDE - Next Generations (Self-Released)
KRIGSKONTRAST - Lobotomi (Not Enough / Halfabrikat)

WHITE WHALE - No Fun (Feral Kid / Subject)
THE STITCHES - Higher Education (No Front Teeth)
THE CRAZY SQUEEZE - Gimme a Kiss (No Front Teeth / Rapid Pulse)
THE HYPNOTICS - Lipstick on my collar (New Values)
NEON PISS - Siege mentality (Deranged)
MALLWALKERS - Lo-fi Losers (Feral Kid / Subject)

BABOON SHOW - there is a light that never goes out (National)
RIVAL MOB - We're the boys (Self-Released)
VIOLENT ARREST - Wired (Deranged)

BAD INFLUENCE - Mental ward patient (Self-Released)
UX VILEHEADS - Television (Adult Crash)
BAD TASTE - On the edge (Feral Kid)
NO FRIENDS - Better apology (Kiss of Death)

BROWN SUGAR - Birds (Feral Kid)
NUCLEAR SPRING - Real freedom (Self-Released)
DEATH TOKEN - Engine of hell (Adult Crash)
BURNING LOVE - Love's my only crime (High Anxiety)
WOODWORK - From the till (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
RECIDE - Displaced (Self-released)
RECIDE - Alignment (Self-released)
RECIDE - Adaptability (Self-released)
RECIDE - Distill (Self-released)
RECIDE - Before false (Self-released)

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