Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Born Wrong studio 3 session

Born Wrong have been touring the east coast for the last two weeks. They have only been a band since February. After this session the band was rushing home to work on mixing sogs from a new recording which they are trying to get released as a 7". The band features Scott Paige on guitars and vocals, CJ Ricottone on guitars and back up vocals, Matt Fong on bass, and Brandon Strychowsky on drums. This session was recorded and mixed by Jonathon Hawkes. Here are the songs we recorded tonight in Studio 3.

1. Torch the Place
2. No Etiquette
3. Wage Slave with Kelsey from Snake Charmer on vocals
4. Always here to help
5. Another Enemy
6. Party Banter

Here is a clip of the video shot By Aldo Edric of Punks and Rockers. This is the video for "Burn a Debt" which didn't make the cut, "Torch this Place", "Wage Slave", and "No Etiquette".

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