Monday, December 27, 2010

Radio - Sunday December 26, 2010

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LOST BOYS - They're Watching (Thrashbastard)

YDINPERHE - Narkarit Naapureina (Bad Hair Life)
GLOM DA! - Pantade Javla Nazi As (Smattra Kang)
COMMITMENT CREW - Don't Get Your Hopes Up (Crucial Response)
THE ERGS! - Throttle Boy / Society Hill (Firestarter)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - P.R.O.B.L.E.M. (Tombstone)
LAPINPOLTHAJAT - Virhe (Kamaset Levyt)
SHORT FUSE - I'll Do It Tomorrow (Hardware)
PAHAA VERTA - Kaikaa Irti Elanmista (Bad Hair Life)
CITIZENS PATROL - Accepted Criminals (Way Back / Even Worse)
HERATYS - Odotukset ja Vaatimukset (Not Enough)

TERRORS - Keepers Of The Faith (Century Media)

DOWN TO NOTHING - Set Sail (Reaper)
PLANET DANGER - Searching For Answers (Self Released)
GIVE - Heaven Is Waiting (React!)
SNAKE PIT - Slow Rot (Self Released)
THE EFFORT - Made In China (Panic Records)
MINDSET - Witness (React!)
ATTENTION - Four or Five Ways To Play These Chords (
JUNIOR BATTLES - Roads? Where Were Going We Definitely Need Roads (Square Up)
BOUNCING SOULS - Like The Sun (Chunksaah)

READING RAINBOW - Prism Eyes (HoZac)
SATELLITERS - Leave My House (Sound Flat)
IDLE TIMES - Gin and Death (HoZac)
LIMINANAS - I'm Dead (HoZac)
NOBUNNY - Motorhead with Me (Goner)
SNAKEPIT - Crossing the Rubicon (Self-released)
OVERNIGHT LOWS - Eyesore (Goner)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Go For It/Cops Ain't Tops (NRK)
WHITE WIRES - Hands (Dirtnap)
CHINO HORDE - Natural (Adagio 830)

LIBYANS - Can't Face It / Empire (Sorry State)
POLLUTION - RWW (Self-Released)

THE KRUNCHIES – You Put the U in Useless (Southkore)
RENEGADES OF PUNK – Nao Quero Mais ter que Racionalizar (Thrashbastard)
NAKED RAYGUN – Todo (Regressive Films)
THE SPORES - Pervert Me (Sudden Death)

TUTU AND THE PIRATES - I Wanna Be a Janitor (Regressive Films)

YOUNG LIONS – Goodnight Belfast (Schizophrenic)

MALINHEADS – Wargames (Thought Crime)

LOW THREAT PROFILE - Kick My Heart (Deep Six)

REPROACH – Biochemical Warfare (Deep Six)
INSURANCE RISK – Too Much (Crucial Response)

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