Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Canadian hardcore releases for 2010

1. AK47 CD – Ripping revolutionary message played by Victoria scene veterans being played just as urgent as the way SEEIN' REED or BIRDS OF A FEATHER sound. They have loads to say and are dead on about their targets. Tony Goluza continues to be one of the most important lyricists coming out of Canada. (Reason - c/o Tony Goluza / 706 Yates Street / P.O. Box 8829 / Victoria, BC / V8W 1L0 / Canada)

2. VACANT STATE “Internal Conflict” ep – In listening to this I think that if NEGATIVE FX tried to re-write the S.I.E.G.E. “Drop Dead” ep complete with the droning rendition of “Grim Reaper” on the B-Side this is what you would get. (Deranged Records - 2700 Lower Road / Roberts Creek, BC / V0N 2W4 / Canada / www.derangedrecords.com)

3. URBAN BLIGHT “Total War” ep – The follow up to “More Reality”. Classic New York city hardcore with blown out production. And when I say blown out, I mean the playing too loud kind. Overmodulating because you set the amps to eleven. Think of CAUSE FOR ALARM or URBAN WASTE being played by some of the straight edge posse in Toronto. Featuring ex members of KEEP IT UP, KILL DECIBEL, and the non edge MOLESTED YOUTH member. (Static Shock - www.staticshockrecords.com)

4. NO PROBLEM “Your Eyes” ep – A project band from Graeme while WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES is on indefinite hiatus. He has assembled his roommate Matt from LET’s DANCE and some kids from some other local bands one of which is called THRASHTIC FIBROSIS that LET’S DANCE were talking about when they were in Toronto the first time. They have the same kind of chemistry to wrIte sing a long hardcore that everyone and their mother seems to harken back to a glory day of hardcore. Isn’t every day a glory day for hardcore? (Handsome Dan Records – 3244 – 31 A Avenue SE / Calgary, AB / T2b 0H9 / Canada / www.handsomedanrecords.com)

5. SCHOOL JERKS “Decline” ep – The second ep by ex-TERMINAL STATE-ers. It has improved on the first one with more BLACK FLAG and more off singing by Luke which adds the snotty-sneer ANGRY SAMOANS appeal that everyone since the Cowabunga review came out has been making. (Cowabunga - www.cowabungarecords.com)

6. SLOBS “Memory Lapse” ep – Montreal’s answer to CAREER SUICIDE. They mine the US hardcore renaissance sound using a bit more from JERRY’s KIDS than the FREEZE. 6 songs on one 7”. (Machette Records – 7889 Saint Denis / Montreal, QC / H2R 2E9 / Canada / www.machetterecords.com)

7. MADMEN LP – Everyone in this city knows Jonah Falco is talented enough to pull off a one man band. He has played every instrument in everyone else’s band in this godamned city. MADMEN was Jonah’s chance to sing. And if you have followed Jonah’s early bands you know he loves straight edge hardcore. So I can’t help hearing DYS in the drum sound. This is a collection of recordings over the past couple of years. I’m glad some of it came out on vinyl. (Bootleg)

8. FEAR OF TOMORROW “No Fucking Future No Way” ep – The INEPSY of Vancouver complete with Chany artwork on the cover and typewriter font lyric sheet. Weighs a bit more on the DISCHARGE side of the equation as opposed to MOTORHEAD. (Charged//Distorted - P.O. Box 21530 / 1424 Commercial Drive / Vancouver, BC / V5L 5G2 / Canada / distortvancouver@hotmail.com)

9. MOLESTED YOUTH “We’re Always Going to Have Breakfast Alone!” ep – Showcasing a new line up on this extended player, MOLESTED YOUTH have hardened the sound for more BLACK FLAG and less youth crew in the new material. They are still playing fast as fuck and very choppy with loads of influences from the STOOGES to GANG OF FOUR. They remind me of the Japanese band ABARUDAKO. (Deranged Records - 2700 Lower Road / Roberts Creek, BC / V0N 2W4 / Canada / www.derangedrecords.com)

10. CRITICAL CONVICTIONS “The Crisis of Modernity” ep – New band from Ottawa featuring folks from TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM and TRIOXIN 245. They are doing their best Reagan Youth impersonation. And the cover artwork by Pascale Arpin borrows themes from Hobbes and Foucault emphasizing aspects of social control in our society. Limited pressing of 300. (Critical Convictions – www.myspace.com/criticalconvictions)

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  1. School Jerks and Molested Youth rule!! I should go check aut AK47, now.