Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brutal Knights "Blown 2 Completion" LP

I believe this is the last Brutal Knights release. It is sad really. This great party band is coming to an end. Does this spell the end of fun? Well "Blown 2 Completion" deliveres more of the adrenalin fuelled dad like rants that previous releases have. And like the Brutal Knights the contradictions run high as the opening track sees the band recommended we "Relax. Take Breaks". For the most part this is driving garage punk fused with hardcore a la Dean Dirg. There are a few exceptions like the electronic inspired "Summertime Coffee" which reminds me a bit of Born Against's "Well Fed Fuck". The other exception is "Too Many Tattoos" which is meant to sound like a mosh-core band for extra emphasis. The retard factor is high with songs like "I Hate Chores" or "I Want Wings" or "Food Shopping", but that was always part of the Brutal Knights. They weren't afraid to say what was inappropriate for the sake of humour. The songs on here are:

1. Take Breaks
2. I Hate Chores
3. Bad Choice
4. P.O.W.M.I.A.
5. I'll S Your D
6. Summertime Coffee
7. Too Many Tattoos
8. Sky Mall
9. Wings
10. Heave Ho
11. Food Shopping
12. Life Problem

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