Monday, January 31, 2000

Left for Dead "Splitting Heads" CD

No Idea put out a CD of LEFT FOR DEAD material that contained the split with Ochre and the split with Acrid. The release was called "Splitting Heads". There was a bunch of live stuff put on there as well. The songs on the release included:
1. Eight Floors Above
2. Pulling Teeth
3. Six O'Clock
4. Plant the Seed
5. Ripped Up
6. Pliant
7. Who Do you Know?
8. Skin Graft
9. Second Guess
10. Nothing There
11. Kept in Line
12. Dirt
13. Didn't I
14. Left for Dead
15. A Nice Place to Raise Children
16. Standing By
17. Pliant (live)
18. Who Do You Know (live)
19. Skin Graft (live)
20. Second Guess (live)
21. A Nice Place to Raise Children (live)
22. Nothing There (live)
23. Standing By (live)
24. Kept in Line (live)
25. Dirt (live)
26. Didn't I (live)
27. Left for Dead (live)

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