Saturday, January 15, 2000

Wadge / Shit on Command split ep

Martial arts worship on the cover has all the trappings of a power violence release. And some of the material on here reminds me of the SWARM in that there is some some moody hardcore with heavier dressing. But by "Eat Your Children" the blastbeats come out and you realize that the Grind behind Wadge is still there. Ripping fast hardcore that uses metal to heavy up the sound. There are some different vocalists used on the various songs which include Gobbles who does a great job of shredding my eardrums. Wadge's setlist on here is:

1. Little Something

2. Take It Like A Man
3. Eat Your Children
4. Sixteen Rounds
5. Dessert Wine For The Poached Pear
6. Egress

Shit on Command is a grind vocal with a death metal effect on the vocals. Not sure much about them, but would love to learn more.

1. Lowest Common Denominator

2. Omega Device
3. The Tower
4. Place Of Dead Roads
5. Extinguished
6. No Title

This record came out on Regurgitated Semen Records as RSR 026.

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