Friday, October 2, 2009

Update - October 2, 2009

I started to put up scans of old Toronto punk flyers. The inspiration came from collecting Tyranna flyers from Johnny Bubblegum for an MRR. these can searched under the -FLYER ARCHIVE section or TYRANNA. We also collected a bunch of flyers for the Colin Brunton interview for MRR so I put some fo those up, but they can also be found at the Last Pogo website. Colin has way more flyers up at his site and he gives context to the shows.

I was also able to put up an interview I did with Max Ward about What Happens Next? that was done a long time ago in Full Contact Magazine. I am going to work on putting up some of the other pieces I submitted to Rod for Full Contact. It is just a matter of getting them out of storage. But Christmas is coming and I have to go get the tree so that could be in the next couple of months. I am hoping to find a bunch of other Toronto hardcore magazines.
There is a new playlist up this week but no download. CIUT moved this week and it has proved difficult to get the MP3 file. It's unfortunate because we aired the Sick Error interview this week. This coming Sunday we broadcast from the new location which is up a Bell Tower at Hart House on the University of Toronto campus.

A top seven was posted for September.

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  1. Hey Stephe and the boys, I just found out about this blog. Awesome to be able to listen to the show online! GREAT selections as usual. Greetings from France!