Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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THE DISHES - Summer Reaction (Regular)

RANDOM CUTS - Sleep (Nominal)
B LINES - Social Retard (Nominal)
LET’S DANCE - X-Ray Eyes (Meaty Beaty)
FUCK ME DEAD - Circling Ahead (Clarence Thomas)
THE CRAWLERS - Political Evangelist (Blind Spot)

PERDITION - Freedom in Death (Mountains of Madness)
ATTAKE - Avalanche / Age of War (Mountains of Madness)
MAD WORLD - the World Owes You Nothing (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
MUTINY - Death to the System / War Profiteer (Black Banana)
INFANTICIDE - Disbelief (625 Productions)
WAR HERO - Gore (Black Banana)
MUDLARK - A.D.H.D. / Napalm (Schizophrenic)

OUR WAR - Fifty Years (Deranged)
RIGHT BRIGADE - Wasted breathe (Revelation)
BETRAYED - Understand (Bridge 9)
RIGHTEOUS JAMS - Thought Vacation (Lockin’ Out)
BONDS - Not a Phase (Tuned)
ALLEGIANCE - My pledge (Rivalry)
THE FIRST STEP - Pursuit of happiness (Rivalry)
GO IT ALONE - Faith and Fiction (Rivalry)
MIND SET - Self-Respect is My Anti-Drug (Counterpoint)
H20 - Still Here (Bridge 9)

ARMAGEDDON CLOCK - The War Just Begun (Tuska ja Ahdistus)
TWO BEATS OFF - BLU 82 (Kissankusi / Poison Idea)
LIBYANS - Empty Morning (Chamber of Commerce)
RAKKAUS - Tulta (Tuska ja Ahdistus)
ABSURD SYSTEM - Christ War (Mountains of Madness)

EMPTY VESSEL - Half Full (Blind Spot)
CAREER SUICIDE -Hapless (Kangaroo)
THE D.I.’s - People Like Me (Hep Cat)
INSUBORDINATES - 1968 (Feral Kid)
OKARA - Red Tide (Squeeky)
RHYTHM PIGS - Arkansas (Mordam)
FEEDERZ - Fire (Broken Rekids)
THE FUTURES - Hallowe’en (Skinny Dip)
HICKOIDS - Corntaminated (Saustex)

WITCH HUNT - A Slow Decay (Alternative Tentacles)
THE BRAT ATTACK - Okay Lets Entertain the Idea that Your God is Dead (Rebel Time)
REVILERS - On the outside (Patac)
SPASTIC PANTHERS - Victim (Handsome Dan)

Demo Feature
DEAD CAT LOUNGE - Bandwagon (Self-Released)
DEAD CAT LOUNGE - Barbara’s Bush (Self-Released)
DEAD CAT LOUNGE - Maniliation (Self-Released)
DEAD CAT LOUNGE - Time Warp (Self-Released)
DEAD CAT LOUNGE - Even Steven (Self-Released)

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