Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

SICK ERROR – Entitlement (Self-Released)

EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Writing on the Wall (Captain Oi!)
THE PURPLE HEARTS - What Am I Gonna Do (Captain Mod)
OXYMORONS - Beware, Poisonous (Helen of Oi!)
RESTARTS - Still Bored (Self-Released)
CHAOS UK - Marvelous (Anagram)

SICK ERROR interview

MINOR THREAT - Bottled Violence (Discord)
THE DETECTORS - No Way (Self Released)
VICIOUS CYCLE - Pale Blue Dot (Deranged)
MOTORHATE - Welcome To Civilization (Alerta Antifascista)

HJERTESTOP - Traet Af Drugs (No Way)
BOIKOT - Insert Coin (Self Released)
URBAN BLIGHT - Cut Back (Slasher)
DIE BILANZ - Punkrocker (Plastic Bomb)
2LHUD - Am Strand Von Korn (Nix Gut)

THE FORCE WITHIN - The Force Within (Good Boys)
MOLESTED YOUTH - Internetz (Self released)
IMPERIAL LEATHER - Pets in Heat (Profane Existence)
GEWAPEND BETON - Alles In De Fik (Crucial Attack)
BEYOND PINK - Walking Bajamaja (Emancypunx)

LEFT FOR DEAD - Pulling Teeth (No Idea)
YAPHET KOTTO - Fact or Fiction (Ebullition)
FINISTERRE - Ums Ganze (Accalaim)
THE ITALIAN STALLION - Pistolendiktat (musikzimmer)

SLICES - I Melt for No One (Home Invasion)
MUDLARK LP - Klunk (Schizophrenic)
BAD CHOICE - Lash Out (Self-Released)
IMMORAL SQUAD - Representative (Choking Hazard)
NITAD - Sen ar du dod (No Way)
ASPIRIN - Oshitukerareta rinri (Schizophrenic)
BUNNY SKULLS - Bunny Skulls (Punks Before Profits)

Demo Feature
CHEAP TRAGEDIES – The Target Shoots Back (Self-Released)
CHEAP TRAGEDIES – Going Going Gone (Self-Released)
CHEAP TRAGEDIES – My Boss Ain’t No Jewish Carpenter (Self-Released)
CHEAP TRAGEDIES – True Life Drama of a Bastard in Love (Self-Released)

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