Saturday, September 5, 2009

Let's Dance "Calling All Cars" ep

This is LET’S DANCE’s follow up to “Summer Breeze” ep. This time you get twice as many songs. And I am glad to see that some of the songs they played out here last summer are finally committed to vinyl. Also of interest all four of these songs were on the demo recorded last winter. But all the tracks on “Calling All Cars” have been re-recorded. Organs have been added to “Out on Top” to give it a more new wave feel to it not unlike the TRANZMITORS. And the title track has some nice police sirens at the beginning as it slowly builds into a youth rallying cry. It’s unfortunate that recordings never quite capture a band’s character. LET’s DANCE have a lot of energy to them and a crazy fun sense of humour. None of that bleeds through this release except for the postcard from an oil field “Wishing We Were There”. But like all releases this does give us a glimmer into the genius of these kids from Champion City. (Meaty Beaty Records – 980 Harrison Street / San Francisco, CA / 94107 / USA / - The songs on here are:
1. Calling All Cars
2. X Ray Eyes
3. Out on Top
4. Outta Time

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