Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tranzmitors 12"

The 12” represents the band's sixth release. It came out in 2008 on Deranged Records. One of the reasons why the band did a 12" is because it is the loudest format you can get for vinyl. Four songs split among two sides. The grooves can be wide and as a consequence loud. The band also complained that this record cost a lot and believes they are still paying for the recording costs on this one. As a Tranzmitors fan I would have to say it was worth the investment. The opening song "Live a Little More" starts out with a lyric that reminds me of the Jam's "The Bitterest Pill" but turns into a song about making the most out of life.

"Just the Other Day" is my favourite from this release. Jeff tells me ths song is about the best dressed man who he would see at the Roma coffee shop in Vancouver. This reminds me of the more upbeat Cure songs. "Who’s Gonna Tell Mary?" borrows from the English Beat and XTC as wel as the Manchester pop scene. The song is a predicament about a guy who falls in love with what sounds like his girlfriend's sister. Yikes. Once again the Tranzmitors deliver the goods.

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