Sunday, May 4, 2008

Radio - Sunday, May 4, 2008

JASPER AND THE DIRTY LOOKS - Yummy Yummy Yummy (Unreleased)

TEACHER’S PET - Fast Food Baby (Smog Veil)
63 MONROE - Media Junkie (Punk History Canada)
NAZI DOGS - Detention Zone (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
GUITAR GANGSTERS - Bye Bye Beach (Captain Oi!)
CARBONAS - I’m a Schizo (Goner)
THE VAPIDS - 9.18 Ft. lee VA. 1952 (Self-Released)

BATTERED WIVES - (You’ve Got Me) Giddy (Unreleased)
BATTERED WIVES - Get What I Can (Unreleased)
BATTERED WIVES - Uganda Stomp (Unreleased)
BATTERED WIVES - Everybody Loves a Loser (Bomb)

TYRANNA - Back Off Baby (Unreleased)
TYRANNA - Dying in the Suburbs (Unreleased)
TYRANNA - Toronto Boys (Unreleased)
TYRANNA - Johnny (Unreleased)
TYRANNA - My Neighbour (Unreleased)

BUZZCOCKS - What Do I Get ? (A&M)
SCREWED - What Do I Get ? (Screwed)
SCREWED - Baby Won’t Ya (Unreleased)
SCREWED - Green Haired Girl (Unreleased)
SCREWED - Suzi Peroxide (Unreleased)
SCREWED - Your Generation (Screwed)

GRIMPLE – One More (Prank)
SET FOOT - Aginy (Copper Loving)
THE FIRST STEP - Connection (Rivalry)
SEARCH & DESTROY - Nervous Wreck (Clarence Thomas)
PEDESTRIANS - Insufficient Funds (Residue)
THE ENDS - New Rome (Dirtnap)

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