Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

BLUE VOMIT - Oh Bondage Up Yours (S.O.A.)

DRUGSTOP - Riot in the Jailhouse (Radio 81)
PRESS GANG - Alka Seltzer (Radio 81)
THE LURKERS - Time to Wake Up (Captain Oi!)
THE CHORDS - Don’t Go Back (Captain Oi!)
STATUES - Quality Assurance (Radio 81)
THE SHOCKS - M-10 (Dirty Faces)
BOULEVARD TRASH - Inertia (Self-released)

BEAR PROOF SUIT - Past Tension (Self-released)
DOA - Nervous Breakdown (Sudden Death / Captain Oi!)
BLACK FLAG - I’ve Heard it Before (SST)
DARK AGES - I Can’t Have Any Fun (Self-released)

RESOLVE - No More Worlds (Commitment)
URBAN BLIGHT - Slow Death (Deranged)
GET THE MOST - Material Desires (Crucial Response)
TAKE CONTROL - In Step (Commitment)
TO THE LIONS - Ninth Calibres (Goodfellow)

BETRAY - Take Hold of Life (Crucial Response)
MAINSTRIKE - On My Side (Crucial Response)
VITAMIN X - the Bigger the Better (Havoc)
REACHING FORWARD - Speak Our Minds (Martyr)
BIRDS OF A FEATHER - Growth (Commitment)

FIEND - Fires of Hell (Self-released)
INEPSY - No Order ! Diorder! (Feral Ward)
GERM ATTAK - Rebellion, Mutiny, Treason and Sedition (MCR Company)
VARUKERS - Another Religion Another War (Anagram)
RESTARTS - Still Bored (Self-released)

FIX MY HEAD - Swirling Vortex (Vinyl Addict)
GRAND HOFFA - No Reason Why (Self-released)
DIRTY BIRD - Suburbia (Self-released)
DISGUSTING LIES - Kto Nastepny ? (MCR Company)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Track 1 (HG Fact)

BROADCAST ZERO - I Don’t Care (Rebel Time)
HOSTAGE YOUTH - The Last Superman (Underground Operations)
FALLOUT - A Shot Rings Out (Insurgence)
KAIBOUSHITSU - Track 3 (HG Fact)
NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH - My Neighbour Hates me (Dr. Strange)
THE SCREWED - Career Opportunities (Self-released)

Demo Feature
RUNNAMUCKS - The Wilderness (Self-released)
RUNNAMUCKS - Mind of God (Self-released)
RUNNAMUCKS - Love in Vein (Self-released)
RUNNAMUCKS - Crime Waves (Self-released)
RUNNAMUCKS - Let It Ride (Self-released)
RUNNAMUCKS - Clawing Back (Self-released)
RUNNAMUCKS - Spine of a Snake (Self-released)
RUNNAMUCKS - Never be Mine (Self-released)
RUNNAMUCKS - Goodbye Sweet Nothing (Self-released)
RUNNAMUCKS - Change Your Brain (Self-released)
TEENAGE HEAD WITH MARKY RAMONE - You’re the One I’m Crazy For (Sonic Unyon)

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