Sunday, November 18, 2007

Radio: Sunday, November 18, 2007

PIPEBOMB - Kill Whitey / Fuck Vancouver Pigs (Self-Released)

THE FURIES - What Do You Want Me To Be ? (Bootleg)
THE SKULLS - Fucked Up Baby (Bootleg)
THE DISHRAGS - Love is Shit (Gem)
THE STIFFS - Fuck You (Bootleg)
VICTORIAN PORK - I Don't Give a Shit (Bootleg)

NO EXIT - Nothing New (Friends)
HOUSE OF COMMONS - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Live)
BILL OF RIGHTS - The Core (No Rights)
DEATH SENTENCE - Dawn of the Dead (Zulu)

UNNATURAL SILENCE - Luxury and Lies (Reality Productions)
FRATRICIDE - Poison Control (Heart First)
SUBVERSE - So Rich, So Wise, So What ? (Looney Tunes)
WITCHES HAMMER - Death of No Reprise (Nuclear War Now!)

THE DUNDERHEADS - No Change (Club Grotesque0
SUBMISSION HOLD - Cranium Ache (Fans of Bar productions)
STRAIN - Second Coming (Club Grotesque)
CATS GAME - Home Sweet Home (Gem)

LIMB FROM LIMB - Relentless Torment (No Options)
THE SPECTERS - Message from Above (Whisper in Darkness)
CHINA CREEPS - Kitchen Knife (V.P.A.F.)
THE FURIES - No Fun City (Gem)

Demo Feature
DEAD DOGS - Dead Dogs (Self-Released)
DEAD DOGS - Paradigm (Self-Released)
DEAD DOGS - Carcass (Self-Released)
DEAD DOGS - North End Suicide (Self-Released)

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