Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

THE FALLOUT - Fallout Radio (Insurgence)

KIELTOLAKI - Vitun Lampaat (Moo Cow)
TERVEET KADET - Outo Maa (Propaganda)
RIISTETYT - Rajoitukset (Propaganda)
TAMPERE SS - Kuollut ja Kuopattu (Propaganda)

DFA - Destined for Assimilation (Ugly Pop)
OUT COLD - You Say that Now (Deranged)
DEADFALL - No Such thing (Six Weeks)
BLACK DONNELLYS - Take a Ride (Audio Fellatio)
IMPERIALIST PIGS - Cherub Face / Perish
PROJECT X - Straight Edge revenge (Bridge Nine)

NIGHTMARE - Chain Reaction (HG Fact)
THE ACCUSED - Buried Alive (Combat)
BURIAL - Eternal Excess (HG Fact)
DEATHSIDE - Burning Spirit
NASHGUL - o puto lugar (Crimes Against Humanity)

PAINTBOX - Running in Step (Ugly Pop)
TRAGEDY - Crucifier (Tragedy)
WOLFPACK - Power and Greed (Anomie)

SARU - Zero (HG Fact)
NOMEANSNO - Manic Depression (Alternative Tentacles)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Germ Attack (Fringe)
THE NEOS - Sexual Revolution (Schizophrenic)
F.R.A.F. - Generic Punk Song About War (Self-Released)

SIGNS OF HOPE - Breakin' It Down (Goodwill)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Break Down the Walls (Revelation)
C.I.A. - Commie Control
SELF DEFENSE - Final Attack (Room 101)
REFLEX FROM PAIN - Media Control
JOHNNY AND THE PHUX - Burnout (Self-Released)
DEFORMED CONSCIENCE - Another Struggle (Unrest)

SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS - Burning Bridges (Self-Released)
SOCIETY'S PARASITES - Who's On Your Side (Hellcat)
HOLLYWOOD SWANK - Blackout Girls (self-Released)
THE BUSINESS - Hardcore Hooligan (Captain oi!)
SHAM 69 - What Have We Got (Captain oi!)
U.K. SUBS - B.I.C. (Captain oi!)

Demo Feature
SKARPRETTER - Anti (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - Welcome to the Family (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - Millions of Dead Rednecks (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - Rich Bastards (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - Storbyindianege og Stensbrospiparr (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - Dance of Destruction (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - Nice Guy (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - Sick World (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - Tommy (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - She's got a Knife (Self-Released)
SKARPRETTER - Skarpretter (Self-Released)

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