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THE FURIES - Assassination (Self Released)

Top 10 for July
MASSGRAVE / POSEUR DISPOSER "Victims of a Bong Raid" split ep - The Earth Can't Compete (Unrest)
MAGRUDERGRIND "Rehashed" LP - I'm Fucking Done (Punx Before Profit$)
BILL BONDSMEN "Young (Kinda) Loud, and Snotty" LP - Comfortably Dumb (Burning Sensations)
CARNIVAL, THE "Kivulias" CD ep - Kivi (Krypta)
CONQUEST FOR DEATH "Front Row Tickets to Armageddon" CD - Surrounded and Outnumbered (Wajlemac)
RIOT / CLONE "Success" CD - Dave Blunkett's Dog (Dr. Strange)
BILL BONDSMEN / OUT COLD split ep - Instinct (Schizophrenic)
OUT WITH A BANG "Few Beers Left But Out of Drugs" ep - Goin' Home (Criminal I.Q.)
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE "Power Hazard" 12" - A Frigid Chill, Not of Winter (Havoc)
ED "Nailed to the Board" LP - 44033 / Blood, Blood, Blood (Agipunk)

THE INSULTS - I Carry a Badge (Self-Released)
GO! - Du Sagst (Refuse)
IMPACT - Clockwork Symphony (DSS)
NIHILISTICS - My Creed (Mad at the world)
HOLY MOUNTAIN - Wrafu (No Idea)
NO SIDE - Free (Acme)
CORROSIVE - Verschlosseenheit (Fucking Kill)
TERVEET KADET - Tornio Blues N.Y.T. (Hohnie)

LORDS OF LIGHT - Magi's Hardcore / August's Hardcore (Wajlemac)
SMD - Violence (Six Weeks)
SACRILEGE B.C. - The Golden Age of Decay (Wajlemac)
POSEUR DISPOSER - Get High or Die Trying (Unrest)
HATRED SURGE - Surge of Hatred (Schizophrenic)
SYSTEM SHIT - Draft the Politicians (Unrest)
DIVORCE - Worm Catherization Technique (Tsunami)

KIELTOLAKI - Totaalisen Tuhon Huominen (Combat Rock Industries)
FORCED MARCH - Blood in the Water (Self-Released)
CRUNKY KIDS - Theories of Hate and Time (Schizophrenic)
SKULLFACE AND OTHERS - Hardcore Makes Me Come (Self-Released)
CANADIAN RIFLE - Creep (Criminal I.Q.)

BESTA-FERA - Projetil (Faca Cega)
SIGNAL LOST - Therapy (Prank)
ARMA LARANJA - Nao Posso mais pagar (Faca Cega)
THE VOIDS - Take it Back (Dr. Strange)
RAKKAUS - En Jaksa (Tuska ja Akdistus)

GERIATRIC UNIT - Trapped (Network of Friends)
DISKELMA - Silence (Kamaset Levyt)
THE ACCUSED - Crapassreality (Condor)
CHRIST ON PARADE - Something to Live For (Prank)
CHANNEL 3 - No Love (Captain Oi!)
RAPPRESAGLIA - Esistenza Programmata (Agipunk)

COLA FREAKS - Parnoid (Hjernespind)
THE TRAGICS - When I Was Young (Loud Blaring Punk Rock)
THE YOUTHS - Alone and Smiling (Criminal I.Q.)
SHOOT IT UP - Bringing Me Down (Fashionable Idiots)
BILL BONDSMEN - ATS 909 (Schizophrenic)
CROSS LAWS - Don't Call This Life (Self-Released)

DISCLOSE - Once the War Started (Regurgitated Semen)
AGHAST - The Biggest Waste (Agipunk)
FRAMTID - Mind and Action (Regurgitated Semen)
ROTTENFUX - Sick of Life (Six Weeks)

Demo Feature
REGRESS - W.W.Y.D. (Unreleased)
REGRESS - Hell Is A Great Motivator (Unreleased)
REGRESS - Boring People (Unreleased)
REGRESS - We Don't Make Anything (Unreleased)

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