Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

RIOT/CLONE – Unimportant (Dr. Strange)

THE VAPIDS – Endless Run (Self-Released)
NITAD - Klimstforandring (Climate Change) (MCR Company)
MARGARET THRASHER – Blah Blah Blah Blah My Community (Clarence Thomas)
B-LINES – Dryer Fire (Self-Released)

D.I. –Money Machine (Dr. Strange)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – Memories of Tomorrow (Frontier)
BORN BAD – Authority Bullshit / Against You (Fashionable Idiots)

BILL BONDSMEN – Initial Impact /Midnight Cobra (Burning Sensations)
VICIOUS CYCLE – Bent / Terminate (Vinyl Addict)
RELIGIOUS AS FUCK – Shitfaced / Thanks Jerks (Vinyl Rites)
HOLLYWOOD HANDGRENADE – Love in Action (Bitchin' Riffage)
SICK AND TIRED – Not My Problem / Stop Screaming (Shock to the System)

SICK SICK BIRDS - (Revolt with) Perfect Spelling (Toxic Pop)
BE MY DOPPELGANGER – Ten Seconds to Go (Bitchin' Riffage)
CLOROX GIRLS – In My Mouth / Walk the Streets
RETAINERS – Teenage Rejects / Zombie Caliente (Fashionable Idiots)
THE ERGS – Blue (Toxic Pop)
TRANZMITORS – Alma Blackwell (Deranged)
DEFECT DEFECT – Yeah, I'm a terrorist (Clarence Thomas)

CROSS LAWS – Cross Laws (Self-Released)
KVOTERINGEN - Javla Fasoner / Nattsvart Framtid (MCR Company)
ALTERNATE ACTION - Another Day (Unreleased)
SICK 56 - Got a Revolution (JSNTGM)
INSTANT AGONY - Anti Police (Self released)
DOA – Fucked Up Ronnie (Captain OI / Sudden Death)

ALLEGIANCE - Taking it Back (Rivalry)
FACE THE PANIC – 5 (Rivalry)
TO THE LIONS - Final Chapter (Goodfellow)
THE FUCKING WRATH - Church of the Apocalypse (Goodfellow)
THE CURSED - The Hands Will Abide (Goodfellow)
B.U.S.H. – Nao Sou Skate Punk

Demo Feature
FRAGILE X – Fight (Self Released)
FRAGILE X – Influence (Self Released)
FRAGILE X – Self Righteous (Self Released)
FRAGILE X – DBA (Self Released)
FRAGILE X – Don't Belong (Self Released)
FRAGILE X – Realize the Real Eyes (Self Released)
FRAGILE X – Fragile X (Self Released)
FRAGILE X – Confused (Self Released)
FRAGILE X – 4 F (Self Released)
FRAGILE X – Photograph (Self Released)

KNUCKLEHEAD – Shelters (Stumble)
CHELSEA – Bad Advice (TKO / Captain oi!)
C.C.S.S. – Realize (Arison)
CHRON GEN Jet Boy Jet Girl (Captain Oi!)

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