Friday, June 1, 2007

Tranzmitors LP/CD

There was a self titled LP / CD came out in 2007 on Deranged Records and represented the bands first full length. The songs are:

1. Plastic Genocide - is a song that Jeff wrote about the death of vinyl. An interesting paradox that Jeff sets up in the song is that the chorus is super sing-a-long-ish but the lyric is "Genocide". Jeff purposely laced this song with language about Nazi Germany to a sickly sweet tune. Nick noted that tere is a glockenspiel used in the song.

2. Teen Man - a song written about Jeff's youthful spirit. The song was also inspired by a brand name of suit jackets that Jeff knows about from his tailoring profession.

3. Do I Really Wanna Know

4. Somethings Going On

5. Beating Up My Heart - inspired by bad relationships

6. Is Your Head Hallow? - inspired by jerks. The name suggest another way of calling someone dumb.

7. Why Don’t Boys Cry - Jeff was pondring why he doesn't cry, but he does get mopey.

8. Last Night

9. Alma Blackwell - the name of a co-op that Jeff used to live in. There were many weird things the residents did that made life interesting which leads Jeff to ask "Alma Blackwell what's going on?"

10. Everyone Wants to Lose Control - this is a song about getting lost in the moment of a show. It's along the same lines as the song "Dancing in the Front Row".

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