Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

THE DIODES - Mercinary Flight (Sony)

DRILLER KILLER - Breaking Traditions (Crimes Against Humanity)
INEPSY - Ride Til I Die (Feral Ward)
MULETRAIN - Monster (Beat Generation)
CLASH DOGS - 9 (MCR Company)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Extreme Lifestyles '07 (Deranged)
ALTERNATE ACTION - Nameless Faces (Unreleased)

VOETSEK - Gorillas in the Midst (Six Weeks)
WHIZ KIDS - A Slice of Life (Unrest)
LIMP WRIST - Brotherhood (Cheap Art)
ANTHEM EIGHTY EIGHT - Their Control (No Idea)
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - Crucial Session (Sound Pollution)

KYKLOOPIEN SUKUPUUTO - Aanenvaimennin (Hate)
SAIRAAT MEILET - Rajana Elämä (Life as a Limit) - (Six Weeks)
CHRIST ON PARADE - Another Country / No Truth (Prank)
ED - Keep Laughing (Agipunk)
FINAL CONFLICT - the Last Sunrise (Pusmort)
TALK IS POISON - Forgotten (Prank)

SIGNAL LOST - Stop Motion Reality (Prank)
DC BEGGARS - Too Look Alike (Rathouse)
LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT - Jealousy (Konkurrel)
ARMA LARANJA - Deslinger meu cérebro (Faca Cega Discos)
IMPERIAL LEATHER - We Will Never Die (MCR Company)
PEDESTRIANS - State of Emergency (A Wrench in the Gears)

JOE KEITHLEY - Record Company Ripoff (Sudden Death)
THE CORPORATION - Track 5 from "A New Pope" (Self Released)
DEATH SQUAD - Fight to Kill (Death Squad)
DEADFALL - Comrades (Six Weeks)

RUINER - Bottom Line: Fuck You (Bridge 9)
PULLING TEETH - Stone Thrower (A389)
VICIOUS CYCLE - Negative Space (Vinyl Addict)
CONQUEST FOR DEATH - Front Row Tickets to Armageddon (Wajlemac)
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - No Retreat to Hollow Earth (Wajlemac)
SICK AND TIRED - Cut My Losses (Shock to the System)

TOTALITAR - Det Lyckade Barnet (Prank)
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE - Thrown Into the Seas of Fire (Havoc)
DRILLER KILLER - BDS (Crimes Against Humanity)
DISCLOSE - Atomic Biological Chemical (Regurgitated Semen Records)
ROTTEN FUX - Animal Torture (Six Weeks)

Demo Feature
LIVING DARKNESS - Malice Born (Self Released)
LIVING DARKNESS - The Fits (Self Released)
LIVING DARKNESS - Try Science (Self Released)
LIVING DARKNESS - Streets of Bodies (Self Released)
LIVING DARKNESS - Tumours (Self Released)
LIVING DARKNESS - Lets Pretend (Self Released)
LIVING DARKNESS - Drown Me (Self Released)
LIVING DARKNESS - Human Scum (Self Released)

THE OUTCASTS - Gangland Warfare (Cherry Red)

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