Friday, June 22, 2007

B-Lines demo

The B-Lines are a band from Vancouver. They released this awesome 5 song demo in 2007. My description of the demo is "B-Lines are a melodic garage like band with a fire under their repertoire. They remind me of ACID REFLUX in a tug-of-war match with the FAST CARS while singing along to the REGULATIONS. Think of a band that inhabits the world between the TRANZMITORS and MARGARET THRASHER, but with a singer who has an appreciation for the VIOLENT FEMMES. The B-Lines write catchy songs, that are fast, but played without the amplification. And the B-Lines prove that you don't need it." You can find out more about the band at The songs on this demo are:
1. Burnt CDs
2. Leaving
3. Busyman
4. In the Red
5. Dryer Fire

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