Monday, January 8, 2007

Sunday, January 7, 2007

DRILLER KILLER - 10 cc-Mexedup (MCR Company)

RATOS DE PORAO - Testemunhas Do Apocalipse (Alternative Tentacles)
EFFIGY - Dictator (Crimes Against Humanity)
ARGUE DAMNATION - Boycot (MCR Company)
EXIT STANCE - Operation Successful (Mortarhate)

VARUKERS - Soldier Boy (Captain Oi!)

VANILLA MUFFINS - the Drug is Football (Knock Out)
EXPLODING HEARTS - So Bored (Dirtnap)
BAYONETTES - Let It Go (Deranged)
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Nigel with the Bre (Fashionable Idiots)
MARKED MEN - Wait Here, Wait for You (Swami)
SCREECHING WEASEL - El Mo Zote (Lookout)
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS - Where Have all the Boot Boys Gone (Captain Oi!)

ABOUT TO SNAP - Sacrifice Pawn / Dried Up (A389)
TROPIEZO - Monopolizare e saber (Southkore)
THE RATS - Not Afraid to Die (Thrashbastard)
FOR THE WORSE - Morrisey Sucks and so Do you (Bridge 9)
SHUT THE FUCK UP! - Songs About Your Broken Heart…. (Thrashbastard)

DEFECT DEFECT - Little Ways (Clarence Thomas)
FUCKED UP - Dangerous Fumes (Hate)
NO SLOGAN - No Pasaran (Southkore)
REALLY RED - the Fee (Angry Neighbor)

FOURTH ROTOR - Order Guilt Python (Southkore)
OKARA - Red Tide (Self-Released)
JUVENTUD CRASA - Mi Muerte (Southkore)
OUTO - Leatherface

AFTER THE MASSACRE - A Future Discarded (S.O.A.)
CALIFORNIA LOVE - Total Bummer Forever (625 Productions)
STEP ON IT - Balboa (Moshpit Tragedy)
SOLID DECLINE - Sheep (Heartfirst)
SIN LOGICA - Secrets (Romp)

SOCIAL UNREST – Their Mistakes (Maximumrocknroll)
VERBAL ABUSE – Power Play / Leeches (No Way)
CHRIST ON PARADE – Don't Draft Me (Thrasher)
STRETCH MARKS – Foreign Policy (BYO)

Demo Feature
KRIMINAL POGO - Give Up (Ditchdiggin)
KRIMINAL POGO - Street Punx (Ditchdiggin)
KRIMINAL POGO - Sin City (Ditchdiggin)
KRIMINAL POGO - I Didn't Like It (Ditchdiggin)
KRIMINAL POGO - Liberate Me (Ditchdiggin)
KRIMINAL POGO - Fucked Up (Ditchdiggin)
KRIMINAL POGO - En Prison (Ditchdiggin)
KRIMINAL POGO - 10 Years Ago (Ditchdiggin)
KRIMINAL POGO - Dirty Money (Ditchdiggin)

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