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Radio: Sunday, December 31, 2006

BRAIN HANDLE - Scratching at my Skull (Out of Limits)

Best of Re-issues 2006
KUNG FU RICK - Read Write Head (625 Productions)
BLACK MARKET BABY - World at War (Dr. Strange)
GASWARD - I Believe in Me (MCR Company)
RIOT SQUAD - Government schemes (Captain Oi!)
BOXED IN - World Stops Turning (Flat Earth)
CODE OF HONOR - Fight or Die (Subterrannean)
HEIMATLOS - Slam (Ratbone)
The FIX - Cos the Elite (Angry Neighbor)
SKEEZICKS - Trapped in Labels (Balzkow)

Best Canadian Releases, 2006
TERMINAL STATE - Police Pressure (Deranged)
THE BAYONETTES - Sour (Deranged)
RADICAL ATTACK - Necessary Evil (Vinyl Addict)
THE KILL DECIBEL - The Reaper Cometh (Specimen 32)
ABOUT TO SNAP - Song 3 (Specimen 32)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Face of Death (Deranged)
DIE BRUCKE - the Bridge (Self-Released)
DEAD STOCK CRUSHER - Who the Fuck Cares Anyway (Hit the Deck)
GUNNAR HANSEN - Fuck Your Feelings (Audio Fellatio)
TRANZMITORS - Bigger Houses, Broken Homes (Deranged)

Best New Bands, 2006
SIN ORDEN - No a la Guerra (Lengua Armada)
ROSENBOMBS - Regression to Destruction (625 Productions)
OUTRAGED - Que Crees (Unholy Thrash)
NO DICE - Asshole (625 Productions)
VOLEDAM DISEASE - The Only thing that matters is the Style of Your Hair (Kangaroo)
SECOND OPINION - Fight Back (625 Productions)
KNUCKLE SCRAPER - Wakari Masu Ka / Terminal (625 Productions)
RUIN - State Sponsored Squalor (Putrid Filth Conpsiracy)
DEATH TOKEN - Exterminate (Hate)
BETERCORE - Food Not Bombs (Peculio Discos)

Best Comps, 2006
DISCIPLINE - Red and White Army (Insurgence)
FAIRFIGHT - Mirror View Role Model (Commitment)
CURSED - Old Money (Fans of Bad Productions)
DIRTY BS - Deny (Fans of Bad Productions)
BLACK SPOKES - Lie Cheat Steal (Fans of Bad Productions)
INEPSY - Bombshell Rock (Fans of Bad Productions)
CCSS - Punk for Life (Fans of Bad Productions)
RIOT99 - Califonria's Burning (Fans of Bad Productions)
ANGELS SAINTS & HEROES - Lafayette (Fans of Bad Productions)
DOOMTOWN - Jaws of Hell (Heart First)
FRAMTID - Nuclear Power Genocide (MRR)
STRUNG UP - Clones (MRR)
DISEASE - Cotton Fields (MRR)
LIMP WRIST - Fucks with my Head (MRR)

Best Demos for 2006
NO WAY OUT - No Way Out (Self-Released)
NUCLEAR FAMILY - Nuclear Family (Self-Released)
TANK - Brutal Slaying (Self-Released)
CODE WORDS - Tercel Full of Fake Blood (Self-Released)
MY WAR - Sid Vicious Complex (Self-Released)
DEATH WITH A DAGGER - …from the Dead (Deaf Forever)
NO GOAL - Comeback (Self-Released)
ACID REFLUX - Vasectomy Boys / Do Your Parents know You're a Ramone? (Self-Released)
PERMANENT TRIP - Stasi (Self-Released)
IDIOTS RULE - Crap (Self-Released)
FUCK ME DEAD - Closer to the End (Clarence Thomas)
MARGARET THRASHER - Hell No (Clarence Thomas)

THE YOBS - Auld Lang Syne (Captain Oi!)

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