Monday, January 22, 2007

Radio: Sunday, January 21, 2007

DISKONTO - Men Varfer ? (Crimes Against Humanity)

GET THE MOST - Core Values (Crucial Response)
GORILLA BISCUITS - No Reason Why (Revelation)
MAJOR CONFLICT - NYC (Mad at the World)
URBAN WASTE - Wasted Life (Bootleg)
WARKRIME - Warkrime (No Way)
CLITBOYS - Slogan Boy (Bootleg)
GO! - Just Say Go (Forefront)
SPAZZ - Let's Fuckin' Go (Slap a Ham)

Dave Brown's Top 10 for 2006
DEEP SLEEP - Let Go (Grave Mistake)
MARKED MEN - Little Time (Swami)
BRAIN HANDLE - Out of Touch (Out of Limits)
NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS - Cold Kiss of Death (Backwards Msking)
NIX - Speed Freaks (Self-Released)
FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES - PCP Funtime (Fashionable Idiots)
VICIOUS - Alienated
CARDIAC ARREST - End of the Line (Grave Mistake)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Self Medication (Feral Ward)

VALSE TRISTE - Siivutettu Etu (if Society)
NOMEANSNO - Rags and Bones (Alternative Tentacles)
THE EX - Slimy Toad (The Ex)
CRASS - Rival tribal Revel Rebel, Part 2 (Crass)
RIOT/CLONE - Neu-Vestation (Overground)
CHUMBAWAMBA - Revolution (Overground)

SLEEPER CELL - Blind (Maximumrocknroll)
WASTED TIME - Enemies of Common Sense (No Way)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Can't Take it (No Way)
LA PIOVRA - Risacca (Punx Before Profit$)
NINE SHOCKS TERROR - Romanticist (Sound Pollution)

DERROTA - Mas Fuerte que el Miedo (Dias de Juventud)
UNDER PRESSURE - When I'm Alone (Fans of Bad Productions)
WEISHAUPT - Unknown (Fans of Bad Productions)
WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES - Dead End Street (Fans of Bad Productions)

HEART ATTACK - God is Dead (Roir)
THE MAD - The Hell (Roir)
MISGUIDED - Blacklist (Mad at the World)
BAD BRAINS - Pay to Cum (Roir)
THE ABUSED - Loud and Clear (Lost and Found)
The MOB - Label It (Big City)

Demo Feature
F.A.T.O. - Bad Things Come to Those with Weight (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Skull Crackin' and Jaw Jackin' (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Ta Religion … tes problemes (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Inhumane Society (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Fuck Hockey, Let's go Curling (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Cut to Fit (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Feverish Violent Power (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Floridian Couchmorpher (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Set Your Own Pace (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Liposuction Fetish (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Rotten Apples (Brute Productions)
F.A.T.O. - Famous Political Figure (Brute Productions)

CORPORATION - Junk Food Man (Self-Released)

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