Monday, December 18, 2006

Radio: Sunday, December 17, 2006

BLIND PIGS - No Pistols Reunion (Alfa)

THE VAPIDS - She Won't Go Away (Totally Vapid)
The GEE STRINGS - Bumping along (Dead Beat)
THE VIDEO DEAD - Suckubus (Stereo Dynamite)
HELLSHOCK - Life styles (Crimes Against Humanity)
ARMAGEDOM - Vinganca (Hate)
EFFIGY - Dictator (Crimes Against Humanity)
GRIDE - Skripot (Insane Society)
GURKHA - Disgruntled Ex-Worker (Insane Society)

Audio travel Diary by imants Krumins of Brazil and Argentina
RUDES - Revolução (Self-Released)
REJECTS - Eu Toca HC (Self-Released)
BLIND PIGS - Plano de Governo (Sweet Fury)
BLIND PIGS - The Punks Are Alright (Sweet Fury)

NAIFA - Hora de Recomeçar (Self-Released)
ALARME - Se Arrepender (Self-Released)
LA REVANCHA - Pobre Brasiliero (Bandana)
B.U.S.H. - Odeio Odeio (Waking the Dead)
MUKEKA DI RATO - Bigorna e Martelo (Urubuz)

LOS VIOLADORES - 1-2 Ultraviolento (Music Brokers)
TRUST - Egoismo (Waking the Dead)
EL ETERNO ENEMIGO - Traté (Waking the Dead)
NIÑOS ENFERMOS - Espesos (Zonda)
MAL MOMENTO - Ellos Dicen Mierda (Pinhead)

NO COMMENT - In the Name of Stupidity (Deep Six)
INFEST - In His Name / Behind This Tongue (Deep Six)
LYCANTHROPY - Cesta (Insane Society)
DRI - Who Am I (R Radical)
DISKONTO - Money Stinks (Crimes Against Humanity)

VALSE TRISTE - Kadotetun Viimeinen Vaatimus (if Society)
NO MEANS NO - Tired of Waiting (Alternative Tentacles)
MINUTEMEN - Ain't Talkin ' Bout Love (SST)
RHYTHM PIGS - Peanuts (Mordam)
JFA - Preppy (Alternative Tentacles)

Demo Feature
CAVE CANEM - Havarie (Epistrophy)
CAVE CANEM - Das Licht Amende Des (Epistrophy)
CAVE CANEM - Tunnels ist ein zug (Epistrophy)
CAVE CANEM - Maske (Epistrophy)
CAVE CANEM - Befriedung (Epistrophy)
CAVE CANEM - Risse Im Fundament (Epistrophy)
CAVE CANEM - Rastlos (Epistrophy)
CAVE CANEM - Sozialisationsmaschinerie (Epistrophy)
CAVE CANEM - Tanz in den Truemmern (Epistrophy)
CAVE CANEM - Der Faehrmann Kommt (Epistrophy

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