Monday, November 13, 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006

THE ZERO POINT – Cops (Grand Theft Audio)

BROWN BELT – Thoughts are Free (CIUT)
SEXHEAD – Can't Get Further (CIUT)

FUCK ME DEAD – Spilled Milk (Fans of Bad Productions)
FUCKED UP – Fixed Race (Hate)
GOVERNMENT WARNING – Trend City (Feral Ward)

TEENAGE HEAD – You're Tearin' Me Apart (Punk History Canada)
THE VAPIDS – You're Tearin' Me Apart (Double Hell)
DREAM DATES – The Mess You're in (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)

TRANZMITORS – Nervous Breakdown (Fans of Bad Productions)
DARVOCETS – What Planet ? (Painkiller)

DISCARGA – Jaula (Peculio Discos)
VICTIMS – Who the Fuck Are You ? (Havoc)
CROW – Slaughter of Nationally (Prank)
I SHOT CYRUS – Semore Refem (Peculio Discos)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Teach Me Sex (Fans of Bad Productions)
HEADACHE CITY – Kneejerk Reaction (Shit Sandwich)
CO CO COMA – 6-1/4 – 125 (Goner)

WEEKEND NACHOS – Intro / End of Your Faith (Tooth Decay)
ABOUT TO SNAP – Song 1 + 2 (Specimen 32)
DISSENT – Sick Society (Badman)
NOT ENOUGH BULLETS – Die By My Sword Pig Fucker (Cool Kid Conspiracy)

PROTEX – Don't Ring Me Up (Good Vibrations)
THE LETTERS – Don't Want You Back (Bootleg)
BUREAUCRATS – Feel the Pain (No Exit)

999 – No Pity (Captain Oi!)
RATOS DE PORAO – Otario Involuntario (Alternative Tentacles)
DSB – Fake (Devour)
ASOCIAL – Organiserat Bedrageri (Hibachi)
ASBESTOS – Legarize It (Self-Released)

FUCKED UP WITH MANNO – Loooking Back (Self-Released)
THE KIDS – Do You Love the Nazis ? (Philips)
DISCORDS – Dead Cubans (No Exit)

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