Monday, October 9, 2006

Sunday, October 8, 2006

DICKS - Pigs Run Wild (Delta Pop Music)

EVERYTHING FALLS APART - Planning My Escape (Self-Released)
TERMINAL STATE - Fuck you Sid (Deranged)
9 SHOCKS TERROR - Backing Out (Havoc)
DROP DEAD - Those Who We Deny (Armagedon)
BOXED IN - Tough Times (Flat Earth)
KVOTERINGEN - Ekolgi vs Ekonmi (Terrotten)

KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - Zombies (In The Red)
BLACK LIPS - Oh Katrina (Die Slauighterhaus)
TRANZMITORS - Look What You're Doing (Cat Call)
BUZZCOCKS - You Say You Don't Love Me (A&M)
FIRESTARTER - Keen Reaction (Mangrove)
THE SNEEZE - Chronic Wave (Needle)

ALTERNATIVE TV - Life (Deptford Fun City)
SICK THINGS - Anti-Social Disease (Damaged Goods)
HONEY BANE - Boring Conversations (Crass)
EXTERNAL MENACE - Don't Conform (Menace)
DISCHARGE - Fight Back (Clay)
CRUCIFIX - Steelcase Enclosure (Corpus-Christi)
HIS HERO IS GONE - Raise the Curtain (Feral Ward)
CONBRA NOIR - Live Like an Angel (Dead City)
WIPERS - Doom Town (Brain Eater)

RELATIONSHIT - Mari Menabrak Pagar (MCR Company)
END OF ALL - Fostrad (Crimes Against Humanity)
FUCK ON THE BEACH - Fuck on the Beach (MCR Company)
POSER DISPOSER - Better Than You (Regurgitated Semen)
ADA MAX - Deadman Walking (MCR Company)
The ACCUSED - Martha Splatterhead (Combat)
THE KILL DECIBEL - 12 Feet Deep (Specimen 32)

GOVERNMENT WARNING - Fat Nation (Feral Ward)
REGULATIONS - Survive in the City (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
THE FONDLED - Wonder Woman (Toast)
WASTED TIME - Shameless (Grave Mistake)
THE SNOBS - Control (My War)

THE TWATS - T.W.A.T. (Overdose On Records)
ENSAM – Trocas (Blindead Productions)
DEADFALL - It's Okay (Tank Crimes)
COMMON ENEMY - Skate that Shit (Overdose On Records)
SECRET 7 - Kita Sengaja Dicacatkan (625 Productions)
SHEGLANK'D SHOULDERS - Skate Trip (Hit the Deck)

Demo Feature
GENETIC ANGRY - Control (Self-Released)
GENETIC ANGRY - Hate (Self-Released)
GENETIC ANGRY - Same (Self-Released)
GENETIC ANGRY - Fallen Stars (Self-Released)
GENETIC ANGRY - Vulgar (Self-Released)
GENETIC ANGRY - I've Had Enough (Self-Released)

VILETONES - Rebel (Montreco)

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