Monday, October 2, 2006

Radio - Sunday, October 1, 2006

BLACK SPOKES - All My Friends Work at Startek (Unreleased)

SIN ORDEN - Invasion (Lengua Armada)
DISIDENCIA - Predestinados (Thought Crime)
OUTRAGED - Autoridad de Mierda (Lengua Armada)
LIMP WRIST - Want us Dead (Lengua Armada)
PELIGRO SOCIAL - Dominante (Tank Crimes)
MADIDO RESPIRO - Morte Apparente (Timbrificio Milano)

RIOT SQUAD - Police Power (Captain Oi!)
THE EXPLOITED - Army Life (Captain Oi!))
SOLDIER DOLLS - Today and Tomorrow (Longshot Music)
NEWTOWN NEUROTICS - Licensing Hours (Captain Oi!))
THE BLACKJACKS - These walls (Teenage Rampage)
SOUND CITY HOOLIGANS – Rumble (Self-Released)

Studio 3 Session
BLACK SPOKES - All My Friends Work at Startek (CIUT)
BLACK SPOKES - We're Sorry We Missed you / None of My Business (CIUT)
BLACK SPOKES - Lie. Cheat. Steal. (CIUT)
BLACK SPOKES - Black Clouds / Nylon Ties (CIUT)
BLACK SPOKES - Mr. Needlemeiher has a Turkey Neck (CIUT)
BLACK SPOKES - Soapdodger / Girl, I Got Your Number (CIUT)

KONTEMPT - More to Come (The Total End Records)
SKELETON - Remains of the Dead (Fucking Dead) (The Total End Records)
RATTUS - Elainraadot Hintana (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
TRAGEDY - Beginning of the End (Feral Ward)
THE TOTAL END - No Solution (The Total End Records)

NAZI DOGS - Gonna Go (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
MARGARET THRASHER - Hell No (Clarence Thomas)
DEAN DIRG - Real Good Stereos (But No Place to go) (Hate)
THE SHOCKS - Private Affair (Dirty Faces)
THE KIDNAPPERS - Close to You (Alien Snatch)
BOB BURNS AND THE BREAKUPS - Outta My Face/Hypnotized (Mad Cook)
GHETTO WAYS - Beat Me Down (Alien Snatch)
TURPENTINE BROTHERS - Get Your Mind Off Me (Alien Snatch)

Demo Feature
NO GOAL - No Goal / No God (Self-Released)
NO GOAL - Relate (Self-Released)
NO GOAL - Learn (Self-Released)
NO GOAL - Comeback (Self-Released)
NO GOAL - Get Down (Self-Released)

THE BUSINESS - Blind Justice (Captain Oi!)

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