Thursday, March 1, 2001

DFA "Destined for Assimilation" 12"

This was an a amazing band from Regina, Saskatchewn. Not many band scome from Saskatchewan. So when they played heavy crossover similar to BEYOND POSSESSION or the ACCUSED I was pretty floored. Not only did they play a genre of hardcore but they played it well. It is was a sound that was in a rennaissance with bands like HOLIER THAN THOU, paying tribute to metal and hardcore from back in the mid-80s. Crossover skate thrash from the 80's that borrowed from speedmetal. Lots of chugging crunchy riffing played as fast as one can. Vocals are flat and throaty, shouted with fervour. The themes have a hardcore scene awareness. Lots of twisty parts played with girth. But in listening to this against the early crossover, DFA stands up because it doesn't get caught up in the technical nature of metal - the music stays quick paced and flows despite the twists. They did a Left for Dead copver live so they are obviously an influence. Ugly Pop released this first record and the songs on here are:

1. Destined for Assimilation
2. With a Straight Face
3. Hypocrite
4. Nerve
5. Our Lord and Saviour
6. Your Form of Unity
7. Under the influence
8. I Know Everything

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