Friday, March 2, 2001

Class Assassins ep

This is the first Class Assassins release. The band is made up of a number of scene vetereans who have played in the Toronto hardcore scene. I am talking about Dave Cornelius who played bass in the Unknowns and Direct Action, who are one of Toronto's most important hardcore bands. The singer Chad Nugent was in the early rendition of Chronic Submission also arguably one of the most important hardcore bands to ever come out of Toronto. Gary Cozocar was from the pride of Dunnville, Problem Children, who were an incredible hardcore band from my period.

And the brothers Farr were the backbone behind one of the most important hardcore band's to come out of Toronto, which was Hockey Teeth.  Derek Dykeman is a spikey haired guy from Burlington who I grew up going to shows with. He loves the British wave of early hardcore and did a zine called Soap and Spikes. He started up a label by the same name making this the first release and has gone and released half of the first demo. That should tell you that they are British influenced. But to say that they are a oi knock off would do them a disservice. Because there is so many generations of punk involved in this band there is bits and pieces everywhere, but the underlying ties are the roots of bands like Stiff Little Fingers, the Clash, the Ruts, Rudi. They aren't a clone, but they are playing from that admiration and mutual respect of the punks who defined the sound. So there are bits of Dag Nasty thrown in with riffs from SLF. It is part Bad Religion, part the Business. The songs on here are:

1. The Class Assassins
2. Urban Rebel
3. Breakin' Out

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