Sunday, February 3, 2019

Radio - Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Given that this is a Sunday, I thought we would start this week's show with a tribute to the day. The Radiators from Space from Dublin start out this week's show. Listen above or download the show here.

THE RADIATORS FROM SPACE - Sunday World (Chiswick)

We started out this week's show with an oldies set with these releases coming out within the first five year's of punk's inception. 

BORED GAMES - I Don't Get It (Flying Nun)
THE SECRET - Handel a Vandal (Arista)
THE VICTIMS - What I Want (Golden Disc)
THE DAMNED - Sick of Being Sick (Stiff)

A a counterpoint this set is all brand new punk. 

UBIK - Lost and Later (Helta Skelta / Lost in Fog)
ABOLITIONIST – Avalanche (Self-Released)
THIS MEANS WAR - Greed Is Out (Demons Run Amok / Pirates Press)
THE FALLOUT - Walk in the Sun (Rebel Time)
UPPER DOWNER - Disarm the Police (Riot Ready)

OFFBEATS - In a Rush (Smog Veil)
URGENT MATTER – Oh No (Self-Released)
NAO SOMOS NADA - Não quero entender mais nada (Self-Released)
THE HARD TOMS – Love Me Tonight (Take it Hard / Samo)
RIK AND THE PIGS – Keyhole (Total Punk)

ETERAZ - هرج و مرج (Self-Released)
HEXE -Escape Artist (Self-Released)
SELKASAUNA - Sydämen Jääkausi (Self-Released)
VAASKA - No A La Guerra (Beach Impediment)
MURDERSQUAD – In your Grave (Self-Released)

A.S.O.P. - Monkey Bite (Self-Released)
THREE IMPOTENT MALES - Destroyer Divine (Self-Released)
FRIED EGG – Confidence (Shout)
THE ANOMALYS – Fire in the Hole (Slovenly)
FLAG OF DEMOCRACY - Professional Sleeper (SRA)

The first half of this next set mostly features re-Issues that came out in the last couple of months.

RIPCORD - Subliminal Decay (YOFC / Raging)
WARWOUND - Already Judged (Unrest)
MOMENT MANIACS - Flesh Power Dominion (Unrest / Distortion)
BOREDOM - The One-Handed Parasite (Contraszt / Halvfabrikat
CANSOC - Mayhem Till The End (Self-Released)

This next set features bands that didn't make it into the top 10 picks for January releases.

SUCK LORDS – Shut In (Stucco
MOOM - Bet Zonot (To Live a Lie
TORPUR – Progress (Self-Released)
CLUELESS? – Just a Girl (Self-Released
VANITY - It's That Way For A Reason (Beach Impediment)
SAUNA YOUTH - Theatre 83 (Upset! The Rhythm)

Here is my top 10 picks for January 2019.

10. SOAKIE “Dangerous Dope” – Cream (Self-Released)
9. FAILURE “Cross the Border” - Cross the Border (To Live a LIe)
8. MORUS “Cialo Aboe” - Na Sen (Unrest / Trujaca Faita)
7. PERMISSION “Drawing Breath” - Atmosphere (La Vida Es Un Mus
6. NUEVA FUERZA “Hitos Y Derrotas” - Hitos Y Derrotas (La Vida Es Un Mus
5. CONVENIENCE “Stop Pretending” LP – Invisible (Iron Lung)
4. STIGMATISM ep - It's Too Late (Beach Impediment)
3. BLOOD PRESSURE “Surrounded” LP – Surrounded (Beach Impediment)
2. RAW PEACE “Total Death” - War is Here (Hypertension)
1. NAZI KILLER ep - Find Our Way (Kids of the Lughole / At War with False Noise / Samizdat / Superfi / Gronk / Nuclear Mind / Repulsive)

Here is a set of newer edge bands

SICK BURN – Goof (Self-Released)
DOMAIN – Feeding (Refuse)
NO SKIN - Neck Deep (Self-Released)
MAREE NOIRE - Marée Noire (Destructure / Donnez-Moi Du Feu)
POINT OF CONTACT - Still Drug Free (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Moncton called the Phone Jerks. They have a collection of covers on their bandcamp page that we are going to feature tonight. You can find this recording on bandcamp.

PHONE JERKS – Cigarettes and Alcohol (Self-Released)
PHONE JERKS – Time Bomb (Self-Released)
PHONE JERKS – Damage Your Health (Self-Released)
PHONE JERKS – What a Way to Die (Self-Released)
PHONE JERKS – Heebie Jeebies (Self-Released)

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