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Radio - Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Tonight's show starts off the latest instalment of LatinoAmerica Resiste. Tonight's focus is on Chile. Jose El Podrido has curated a show that looks at various bands from the beginning to today. 

You can hear the show on the player above or download the radio show here

VINCHUCAS - Dejen Respirar - Demo Tape (Not On Label) 1983 Santiago

This band changed their name to Los Prisioneros and became one of the most famous Chilean "rock" bands. They also changed their style from a band heavily influenced by the Clash and the 80's new wave and synth pop.

PINOCHET BOYS - Pinochet Boys ( Self Released) 1984 
Pinochet Boys are another band that are considered the first punk band in Chile although like the rest of the bands in this first part of the show don't actually sound a lot like punk but more in the new wave / no wave genre, for some reason i feel like Pinochet Boys is better known internationally and more famous for being the "first Chilean punk band" but the information i found is divided since according to all of the bands and their fans all of them were the first ever punk band in Chile, the only certain thing is that all of this younger individuals were playing music that no one else was playing while the dictatorship was still in full effect and that has a lot of value in my opinion.

VANDALIK - Maldito Espejo - The Unlikely History of the Punk Rock Chile. (Not On Label) 1986, Santiago

DADA - Yo Odio A Los Politicos. (Self Released) 1986 Santiago
Dada never recorded an album but a few of their recordings belong to a live session at a show called Melodias Subterraneas on the University of Santiago. They also played the first punk festival in Chile in 1986 organized by Pinochet Boys, bands like Zapatilla Rota, Niños Mutantes, Indice De Desempleo and Corruption Girls also played at the fest. The band was active for only 2 years and ended up due to the tragic death of the singer nick-named "Rock Star" who suffered from epilepsy.

ORGASMO - (a.k.a. CENSURADO) - (a.k.a. THE SLAM) - Hijo De Puta. (Self Released) 1987? Santiago de Chile
They meet in school and started playing in 1983, apparently they became famous and were constantly playing concerts plus tv shows interviews and they recorded one studio album. The name of the band was constantly censored on tv and radio which lead them to sometimes introduce the band with the name (CENSURADO) or sometimes THE SLAM. They reunited for one show on the 90's and recorded it. There is one more compilation album called "Antropologia" featuring all of their known recorded tracks.

FISKALES AD HOK - Estupidos Policias Mata Ratas Demo (Self Released) 1987 Santiago.
Fiskales Ad Hok started playing in 1986 but didn't released any official album until 1993. This song comes from their 1987 demo titled "Mata Ratas". They are also considered one of the first and long standing punk bands in chile since they are still active and playing.

POLITICOS MUERTOS - Burocratas Corruptos - Politicos Muertos (CFA Corporacion Fonografica Autonoma) 1997 Santiago. 
This is from"Politicos Muertos" their first and only studio album, and although it was released in 1997, but featured recordings from 1987 through to 1995.

EMOCIONES CLANDESTINAS - Animate - Abajo En La Costanera. (Emi Records) 1987 Santiago.

OCHO BOLAS - Corrupcion - ...Al Servicio (Self Released) 1989 Valparaiso.

CAOS - Libertad De Expresion - Caos O Democracia (Self Released) 1989 Santiago.

LOS KK - No Eres Nada - Kk Urbana Demo Tape (Self Released) 1989 Santiago.

INDICE DE DESEMPLEO - Werema Kk - Warema Kk 7". (Hueso Records) 2013 Santiago. Originally released in 1989.

ANARKIA - Desarmer Nuclear taken from a cassette recording called "Censurado". 1989

LOS MISERABLES - Mata Al Enemigo Democracia? (Liberacion) 1991 Santiago.

BBS PARANOICOS - Libertad Condicional - Incierto Final (Alerce) 1993 Santiago.

CAMION POLICIA - Contra El Gobierno Y La Burguesia - Demo (Not On Label) 1991 Valparaiso.

MACHUCA - Yo Aspiro - Si Tapas Tus Oidos. (Self Released) 1992 Concepcion.

LOS JOROBADOS - Animal De Pelo Corto - Etapa Anal (Self Released) 1996 Santiago. This album was released in 1996 and is a compilation of all of their songs.

LOS MOX!! - Se Me Apago La Tele - Se Me Apago La Tele. (ANadie Records) 1997 Santiago.

PUNKORA -La Cancion Del Rencor- . Nadie A Los Llamados. (Self Released) 2001 Santiago.

MARCEL DUCHAMP - Utopia - Redencion 9.11. (Masapunk Records) 2001 Santiago.

TETRANARKO - Carta Ajuste - Luchando Por Su Vida. ( Ktim Records) 2001 Arika. The singer on this band burn himself to death inside his car.

CURASBUN OI! - Moreira - Kaos (Anarko Proleta Rekords) 1999 Santiago. 
They wrote this song to ivan moreira a 90's senator in chile which among other things became famous for his support to Augusto Pinochet he even did a hunger strike in support of the dictator while he was detained in london. A piece of shit war criminal supporter none the less. Curasbun toured a couple of times in Canada in 2016 and 2017 playing toronto at the hard luck the first time and coalition the second one.

BÖMBARDEÖ - Viviendo Con Terror - Misfortunes Of War (Espiral DIYscos, Eskaramuza Distro, Disordera Records) 2017 Santiago.

EDIÖNDÖ - Basura Policial - Punk Hardkore Que Te Hace Estremecer (Orate Asusta A Turistas Con Motosierra Records) 2016

ALAMBRE DE PUAS - Punkis Viejos - Demo (Self Released)

PESADILLA - Paralisis De Sueño - Pesadilla Cassette (Tobi Records) 2016 Santiago. PESADILLA also played Toronto a while ago, two of the members were somehow visiting/living in Toronto and decided to do a show with the help of Lautaro another Chilean member of the Toronto punk scene who also plays in bands like

IGNORANTES - Persuacion Montajes Y Banderas Falsas - Demo Buena Onda (Tobi Records) 2015 Concepcion. 
Ignorantes is playing this year in canada, they are touring towards the end of the year and they certainly have a date in Toronto so be aware of this if you're into this awesome band.

Some sources for tonight's show include the following:
1) One of the main sources to inform tonight's show is a documentary called "Pank: Origenes del punk en Chile" by Martin Nunez that you can watch below.

There is a transcript of an interview with the Director in English found on-line here.

2) LOS PRISIONEROS Cristian gala teleanailsis

Leonarda Aller Jeria
Libros la Calabaza del diablo.
Santiago de Chile, 2014

4) Orgasmo la primera banda punk Chilena
Mikeh Serrano
Ediciones Askasis
Libro de anécdotas, una bitácora para viajar por indios del punk Chileno

Pablo berthelon
Carnada Films
2013, Chile

Gonzalo Justiniano
1984 Chile

Some compilations that you might find helpful on this scene:
1) V.A. - Clasicos Del Punk Chileno - Alerta Discos 2013 Santiago
2) V.A. - La Revuelta Deforme Vol. 1 - Babuino Records
3) V.A. - La Revuelta Deforme Vol. 2 - Babuino Records
4) V.A. - La Revuelta Deforme Vol. 3  - Babuino Records  

Some of the bands that we were not able to play include:
1) ARKOLIKOS ANONIMOS - El Recluta - A La Salud De Los Muertos (Venganza Records) 1994 Santiago 
2) MALGOBIERNO - Guerra - Split With Apatia No ( Self Released) 2002 Santiago
3) SUDOR OBRERO - Dolor Sangre Lagrimas Y Sudor - Callejeros (Frontline Records-Bar Crew Records) 2003 Santiago
4) IGNICION - Falso - Demo Tape ( Not On Label) 2018 Constitucion Chile
5) DISHUMANIZAR - No Hay Futuro - Trastorno Explosivo Intermitente ( Not On Label) 2017 Concepcion Chile
6) MUERTE TOTAL - Ahogo - Muerte Total Ep ( Orate Asusta A Turistas Con Motosierra Records) 2015 Santiago
7) INMADURA RESPUESTA ACTUAL - Cuidado Somos Los Daggers - Inmadura Actitud Adolecente (Toby Records) 2011 Santiago
8) NERVIOS - Disciplina - Demo (Toby Records) 2014 Santiago
9) NINJAS MUTANTES ADOLECENTES - Furioso - Demo (Toby Records) 2010 Santiago. MNE Played last year Not Dead Yet Fest and went on a north american tour right after. 

Here are some new Canadian releases.

SUBVERTER - Pharm Life (Self-Released)
ALIEN BOYS - Mother Chaos (Self-Released)
CHAIN WHIP - Overstimulated World (Neon Taste / Dirt Cult)
THE FAPS - John Denver (Double Lunch)
WIREHEAD - Conjure Club (Self-Released)

A.S.O.P. - Cap'n Punk (Self-Released)
BOOJI BOYS - Kanadian Kontent (Sewercide)
NERVE BUTTON - Bite the Bullet (Self-Released)
TOMMY AND THE COMMIES - Permanent Fixture (Slovenly)
PLASTIC HEADS - I Can't Sleep (Self-Released)
PRIORS – Swelter (Slovenly)

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