Sunday, November 25, 2018

Radio - Sunday November 25th, 2018

Tonight featured part 5 of a continung series on punk in Mexico. Tonight's show looked at punk between 2015 and 2018 and was programmed, curated and hosted b Jose El Podrido. You can download the show here

NIEGALO TODO – Suicidio Colectivo (Self-Released)

ANNAPURA – No Pasaran (Self-Released)
ANTISEX – Desgracia (Self-Released)
APARA – Miseria Humana (Doomsday Machine)
CADENAXXO – Vida Miserable (Self-Released)
CHARGED SS – Puercos de Mierdas (Desorden)

CLAN TREVI ANDRADE - Las Ovejas Negras no Dejan de ser Negras (Self-Released)
CONFLICTO SOCIAL- Pederastas (Discos Y Cintas Denver)
HEADSHOT - Party in the Hell (Desorden)
MAQUINA MUERTA - Destino Controlado (Cintas Robachicos / Commodity Tapes / Dogma Destroyer)
MUJERCITOS - Facilona Nights (Not Normal Tapes)

PESADILLA - Fracaso de Rizoma (Self-Released)
REPTOIDES - Futuro Perdido (World Gone Mad / Grabaciones Puro Pedo)
LOS RETRETES - Aquantando Como Puedo (Self-Released)
ULTIMO IMPERIO - No Eres Me Amigo, Eres Mierda (Runstate Tapes)
ALBATRAUM - Victims del Mierdo (Self-Released)

ANIMALS REVENGE - Plaga al Hombre (Self-Released)
BONEBREAKER - My Skin is Corrupted (Self-Released)
LXS POQUIANCHIS - No Queria Crerer (Self-Released)
RINA - Chuchilladas (Self-Released)
AKTIV PUMP - El Juego (Self-Released)

CRANEOS ROTOS - Intxoicacion (Self-Released)
CIRCO - Nada Que Solcionar (Self-Released)
ESTADO - Infiltrados (Self-Released)
AGRAVIO - Celda (Self-Released)
VONTADE - ViolĂȘnc (Self-Released)

DIE FAST - Powerslide (Self-Released)
DESGRACIA JUVENIL - Quince Minutos de Violencia (Discos Enfermos)
SACRIFICIO - No Morine sin Razon (SPHC)
ESPECIE FAILIDA - Lapidacion (Self-Released)
MALICRIA - Histeria (Self-Released)

DOA - The Cops Shot a Kid (Genjing)
THE FALLOUT - Red Light Union (Rebel Time)
JELLICOE AND WOODBURY – Doubt (Quality Control HQ)
REAL SICKIES – Take a Bite (Dirtyflair)
FLESH RAG – Nighthawk (Schizophrenic)
TERRITORIES - Standing In Place (Self-Released)
STAND AGAINST FEAR – Boss of Me (Self-Released)

FZ-10 - Fucking Policia (Self-Released)
ASSASSINI - Paria (Self-Released)
HAIBOKU - Sueno Pendejo (Self-Released)
CAMPO MARTE - El Salario del Miedo (Self-Released)
ATENTAR - Renuncia (Doomsday)
ABIKU - Acelera O Muere (Self-Released)
HATEWOLF - Endless Hell (Self-Released)

Tonight’s demo feature is a band from Ottawa called HONOUR GUARD. This demo was recorded at the end of last year and then LSC Records put it out as an ep.

HONOUR GUARD – Glory Days (LSC Records)
HONOUR GUARD – Boys in Red (LSC Records)
HONOUR GUARD – Lion Heart (LSC Records)
HONOUR GUARD – One More Day (LSC Records)

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